Dream Trigger 3D Cheats

Dream Trigger 3D cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for 3DS.


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Unlockable Challenges
By completing specific tasks, the following challenges can be unlocked.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AchieverObtain high scores for every single stage.
AetherComplete all 5 Isolation Stages ranks one after each other.
Ambient DreamerIn World Map Mode complete 20 different stages without dying.
AntagonistParticipate in a game in VS Mode.
AstronomerGet 50 Stars.
AudiophilePlay while having earphones plugged in.
BerserkerWithout full HP, gather every HP recovery item in a stage.
Big Bada BoomAchieve a score of 20,000 points in a single Sonar Ping.
Black CherryLet a Mini-Boss with no more than 10% remaining health get away.
Blast MasterPlace at least 1,500 Sonar Pings in a single stage.
BlockheadUsing a Sonar, draw a 4 by 4 square.
Boss BusterBeat all bosses.
Cake EaterWithout taking damage, beat a mini boss.
CatsFinish with a tie during VS Mode.
Childlike DreamerIn World Map Mode, complete 10 stages without dying.
CollectorObtain 500 Score Items.
CompletionistUnlock 100 Challenges.
Concert GoerListen to all the music in "Sound Settings" found under the "Options" selection.
ConductorListen to a full music track non stop for a minute.
ConnoiseurObtain 250 HP Items.
CuratorObtain 200 Score Items.
Curious CatWhen the credits are rolling, do a Solar Ping on the touchscreen.
Deep ScannerRelease a Sonar Ping in an identical place four times consecutively.
Delta SurferObtain 50 Dream Points in current stock.
DestroyerKill 10,000 enemies.
DetectiveUnlock all the main Routes.
Dream DiscipleUnlock 25 Challenges.
Dream DiverObtain 100 Dream Points in current stock.
Dream KnightUnlock 50 Challenges.
Dream MasterIn World Map Mode participate in all 55 stages.
Dream WarriorComplete a stage while avoiding picking up HP Items.
DreamerIn World Map Mode, get 1000 Dream Points.
DrifterBefore selecting a stage, move around 30 times.
DrowsyIn World Map Mode participate in 10 stages.
EdibleObtain 100 HP Items.
Effects MasterListen to all the sound effects in "Sound Settings" found under the "Options" selection.
ErebusComplete all 5 ranks of the Purity Stages consecutively.
ErisComplete all 5 ranks of the Divinity Stages consecutively.
ExplorerUnlock every Sub Route.
Faceted DreamerIn World Map Mode, complete 30 stages without dying.
FinderUnlock another main route.
Five by FiveRelease 5 Sonar Pings each measure for five measures.
Flash BangComplete Time Attack Mode in under a minute.
Four CornersSet off a Sonar Ping in every corner.
Four Four TimePlace 4 Sonar Pings each measure for four measures.
Free SoulIn Free Play Mode, obtain at least 5,000,000 points.
Full ScannerSet off a Sonar Ping in each sector.
GluttonObtain all HP Items and complete the stage.
GOOOOOOAL!Obtain all Score Items and complete the stage.
GourmandObtain 500 HP Items.
Hunter GathererIn World Map Mode, obtain 200 Dream Points.
HypnosComplete the 5 Diversion Stage ranks consecutively.
IcelusComplete the 5 Descent Stage ranks consecutively.
InsomniacIn World Map Mode, clear 30 Stages.
Know it AllGo along 500 dream pathways.
Know The RopesSee the four demos.
Light BringerComplete Time Attack Mode in less than 45 seconds.
LonerClear a Stand Alone Stage.
Luck DragonOutrun the Tracker.
MaestroListen to a full music track for 2 minutes.
MercifulDo not kill only one enemy in a stage.
MercilessKill 3,000 enemies.
Micro BossKill 10 Mini-Bosses.
Mini-Boss BossKill 50 Mini-Bosses.
MinimalistDo not release a Sonar Ping and complete the Stage.
MorosComplete the 5 Infinity Stage ranks consecutively.
MorpheusComplete the 5 Wrath Stage ranks consecutively.
MunitionistPlace 20,000 Sonic Pings.
NarcolepticIn World Map Mode complete 20 Stages.
None Shall PassDefeagt every enemy in a stage.
NyxComplete the 5 Colony Stage ranks consecutively.
PathfinderUnlock a Sub Route.
PerfectionistIn World Map Mode, clear 50 stages without dying.
PersistentComplete the same stage 5 times consecutively.
PhantasosComplete the 5 Insight Stage ranks consecutively.
Pica BossKill 25 Mini-Bosses.
Player, InterruptedPause a game five times.
Plus FourSet off a Sonar Ping in the north, east south and west.
Point-a-holicIn World Map Mode, obtain 500 Dream Points.
PristineComplete a stage without taking damage.
ProcurerObtain 1,000 Score Items.
Promise MakerUnlock 10 Secret Challenges.
QuartermasterPlace 50,000 Sonic Pings.
RacerIn World Map Mode, complete 3 stages in 10 minutes.
RangerUnlock 3 Sub Routes.
RoninIn Free Play Mode, obtain over 10,000,000 points.
Secret KeeperUnlock 25 Secret Challenges.
SeekerUnlock 5 main Routes.
She Loves Me...Collect every second Score Item per stage.
Shine GetGet 250 Stars.
Shooting StarGet 150 Stars.
Slow but SteadySurvive 2 minutes against a Mini-Boss.
SoloistClear all Stand Alone Stages.
Speed DreamerComplete Time Attack Mode in less than 50 seconds.
Speed FreakDefeat a Mini-Boss in less than a minute.
Square EyesWith a Sonar Pin, draw a 5x5 square.
Star PowerGet 100 Stars.
StockerPlace 10,000 Sonic Pings.
Take FiveRelease a Sonar Ping each measure for 5 measures.
ThanatosComplete the 5 Ascension Stage ranks consecutively.
Tic Tac ToeWith a Sonar Ping, draw a 3x3 square.
TravelerGo along 100 dream pathways.
UntouchableKill the final Boss without losing HP.
VacationerGo along 300 dream pathways
VagabondBefore selecting a Stage, move around 100 times.
VagrantBefore selecting a Stage, move around 10 times.
WandererIn Free Play Mode, get over 2,500,000 points.
WarriorBeat 1,000 enemies.
What, Me Score?Do not collect any Score Items and complete the stage.
You Are WinnerIn VS Mode, beat 10 games.
Zen MasterKill 30 enemies before moving.