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Code of Princess Cheats

Code of Princess cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for 3DS.


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Unlockable Characters
Complete the following tasks to unlock corresponding characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
AlchemiaComplete Little Witch Bonus Quest
Boss JupponogiComplete all Free Mission and all Bonus Quests
DistilleComplete Fallen Angel Bonus Quest
General JupponogiCompleteReturn of the Ninja Bonus Quest
King GolgiusComplete Campaign/Watch Thousand Years with Allegro
Marco NekoComplete Epic Mandrake Bonus Quest
SchwartzComplete Campaign/Watch Thousand Years with Solange
The GuardianComplete Camapaign/Watch Thousand Years with Zozo
Unlockable Weapons
Gold Hoop|_|Win 100 VS Matches (any type)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Pegasus (+15 D)Complete 100 Quests
Silver Hoop (+5 Atk +5 Vit +5 Mind Accessory)Complete 500 Quests
True Mars (Weapon, Flare P+32)Complete 1000 Quests
True UnicornWin a VS match
True SeraphComplete 100 Coop Quests