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Command codes

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Unlock Special Movie on Title Screen
Normally the fourth option on the title screen is unknown until you complete the game; this is a special teaser movie for the sequel, but you can actually unlock it anytime by entering the following button sequence while on the title screen:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A

If entered correctly, a voice will call out Tiz's name, and the fourth option will be unlocked. Doesn't this code look familiar...


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Demo Bonuses
Unlock various bonuses in the retail release of the game by transferring data from the Bravely Default demo
UnlockableHow to unlock
Caldislan Adventure SetFully restore Norende
Caldislan Black Mage's SetDefeat Adamantite Shell
Caldislan Knight's SetDeafeat Automaton
Caldislan Recovery SetDefeat Melusine
Caldislan Relief SetPlay Demo
Caldislan Soldier's SetDefeat Dragon
Caldislan White Mage's SetDefeat Minotaur
Unlockable Costumes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bravo Bikini (Edea)Defeat Fiore DeRosso again in Chapter 5
Edea's Garb (Edea)Norende: Level 11 Combat Item
Knight's Tunic (Agnes)Norende: Level 11 Trader
Melodist's Shirt (Ringabel)Norende: Level 11 Accessory Shop
Onion Shirt (Tiz)Norende: Level 11 Armor Shop
Plain Tunic (All characters)Norende: Level 11 Compound Shop
Vestal Garb (Agnes)View "False" ending


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Elixir Farming from Mammon
  • Access to Thief class (unlocked from first sub-quest)
  • Able to challenge Lvl25 Nemesis "Mammon" in Norende w/ Elixir

    First change one of your party members into a Thief and ensure s/he has the highest agility, then challenge Mammon in Norende. Rather than do battle with her, have your Thief use 4 Brave actions and attempt to Steal from Mammon with all of them. The rest of your party will be set to flee from the battle.

    The goal is to see if you manage to steal an Elixir from Mammon; if you are lucky enough to get one, check the resale value of it at any store or the Adventurer. If the Elixir you stole is worth 25,000 pg, be sure to "Protect" the Mammon you fled from when you next return to the Norende screen.

    This ensures you will always be able to challenge that particular Mammon in your Norende whenever you wish to steal high value Elixirs. This becomes even more lucrative once your Thief unlocks the Rob Blind ability at Job Lvl 11! Remember to flee each time, do not defeat Mammon.

    If the Mammon in your Norende gives you Ethers instead (or a lower value Elixir, which is possible), leave it be (don't Protect it) and hope another will show up via StreetPass/Send Data later!

    Apparently the best candidates for this trick is a Mammon from the Japanese version of the game (i.e. info on boss in Norende screen is in Japanese).
  • Unlocking bonus dungeon: Dimension's Hasp
    You can gain access to this extra dungeon in one of two ways depending on the ending path you chose.

    If you chose to go the "Finale" ("bad ending") route, after surviving the boss at the start of the chapter (which you cannot win against), return to speak with DeRosso at the Vampire Castle to unlock the dungeon.

    If you chose to go with "The End" ("good ending") route, speak with Yulyana instead after defeating the initial set of bosses.

    The Dimension's Hasp will be located at the center of the crescent-shaped island in the northeastern corner of the world map. This bonus dungeon has 10 floors, and contains exclusive items plus a hidden boss, as well as the opportunity to farm any Genomes you might have missed Chapters 1 to 4. The hidden boss can be accessed by going east from the final chest on B10F, then south.


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    Easy Villager Recruiting from Demo
    Note: This trick works in the demo only, and is intended to be used to import into a New Game for the final retail release.

    Once you complete the quest to defeat Melusine in the Bravely Default demo, return to Anchiem and save your game. Next, locate a new NPC in Anchiem just up the flight of stairs from the Adventurer who saves your game; he sends a villager to Norende when you talk to him. Normally he only does this once, but you can have him keep sending villagers with this great trick.

    Remember to save before speaking to the NPC the first time, then converse with him and get the update about a new villager joining Norende. Next, choose to return to the Title Screen of the demo WITHOUT SAVING. Speak with the NPC again to get another villager, but notice how the villager you previously recruited before reloading is still in Norende!

    Now just keep repeating until you have 20 villagers, which is the maximum amount you can transfer from the demo over to the final game. This gives you a great headstart for the Norende recontruction effort!
    friend summoning recharge
    go in main menu then go to tactics click on friends the any friend you want to reuse delete then go to an adventurer and click add friends then register via internet then you should have the friend you deleted back but you will be able to use him/her in battle