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Approval Rating
In order to pass ordinances and commission public works projects after becoming mayor, you must increase your approval rating around town to the maximum 100 percent. There are several ways to increase your approval, and you'll likely need to accomplish them all!
ActionApproval Points
Playing the gameUp to 3 points per day
Upgrade the tent you start with to a house20 points (awarded once only)
Introduce yourself to villagers1 point per villager
Perform errands for villagers3 points per errand (repeatable)
Change town music3 points (awarded once only)
Change town flag3 points (awarded once only)
Sell anything to Re-Tail3 points (awarded once only)
Sell junk/trash to Re-Tail1 points (repeatable)
Post on the bulletin board next to train station3 points (awarded once only)
Send letters1 point each (repeatable)
Donate fish/bug/fossil/artwork to museum7 points (awarded once only)
Pull weeds1 point each (repeatable)
Water flowers1 point each (repeatable)
Fish out trash from water1 point each (repeatable)
Fortune Cookie Lucky Ticket Prizes
Purchasing one of the fifty Fortune Cookies from Timmy/Tommy stores grants you a Lucky Ticket which you can trade in for a special item
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mushroom MuralFortune Cookie #01
Block FloorFortune Cookie #02
Hero's ClothesFortune Cookie #03
Random ItemFortune Cookie #04
Hero's PantsFortune Cookie #05
Random ItemFortune Cookie #06
Peach's ParasolFortune Cookie #07
Hero's CapFortune Cookie #08
Majora's MaskFortune Cookie #09
Samus MaskFortune Cookie #10
Midna's MaskFortune Cookie #11
Toad HatFortune Cookie #12
Red PikminFortune Cookie #13
Blue PikminFortune Cookie #14
Yellow PikminFortune Cookie #15
Random ItemFortune Cookie #16
BlockFortune Cookie #17
CoinFortune Cookie #18
Goal PoleFortune Cookie #19
Fire FlowerFortune Cookie #20
Super MushroomFortune Cookie #21
Green ShellFortune Cookie #22
Super StarFortune Cookie #23
1-Up MushroomFortune Cookie #24
? BlockFortune Cookie #25
PipeFortune Cookie #26
Fire BarFortune Cookie #27
Bill BlasterFortune Cookie #28
Yoshi's EggFortune Cookie #29
Random ItemFortune Cookie #30
Triple Red ShellsFortune Cookie #31
KartFortune Cookie #32
PikminFortune Cookie #33
Blue FalconFortune Cookie #34
Master SwordFortune Cookie #35
ArwingFortune Cookie #36
TriforceFortune Cookie #37
Random ItemFortune Cookie #38
S.S. DolphinFortune Cookie #39
Virtual BOYFortune Cookie #40
Wii Balance BoardFortune Cookie #41
Varia Suit PantsFortune Cookie #42
Varia Suit ShoesFortune Cookie #43
Bad Bro's StacheFortune Cookie #44
Big Bro's MustacheFortune Cookie #45
Varia SuitFortune Cookie #46
MetroidFortune Cookie #47
Triple BananasFortune Cookie #48
Hero's BootsFortune Cookie #49
Fi MaskFortune Cookie #50
WiiFortune Cookie #51
HHA Rewards.
As you earn points with the Happy Room Academy, you can earn the following prizes:
UnlockableHow to unlock
HHA Tee10,000 Points
HHA Pennant20,000 Points
Silver HHA Plaque30,000 Points
Gold HHA Plaque70,000 Points
Silver HHA Trophy90,000 Points
Gold HHA Trophy100,000 Points
Gold House Model150,000 Points
Golden Roof300,000 Points
Golden Exterior500,000 Points
Arched Golden Door700,000 Points
Golden Fence900,000 Points
Golden Mailbox1,100,000 Points
Each character can obtain four mannequins for their clothes. Mannequins can't be given away, so each character that wants them has to obtain them manually.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mannequin #1Talk a lot with Sable. If you have the QR machine, tell her you don't want to use it so you can "talk" to her.
Mannequin #2Buy 51 clothes from the Able Sisters. You will soon receive it from Mable.
Mannequin #3Buy 31 accessories from the Able Sisters. You will receive it from Label. Note that only one item per day counts, so you will have to buy accessories on 31 different days.
Mannequin #4You'll receive it from Grace.
Nookling Junction's Expansions.
Unlike the previous Animal Crossing games, getting the store expansions is a little bit different.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Nookling JunctionStarting store.
T&T MartComplete your 10,000 bell downpayment. Spend 12,000 Bells at Nookling Junction OR buy 15 items. Allow 10 days to pass since you created your town.
Super T&TSpend 25,000 Bells at T&T Mart. Allow 10 days to pass since the opening of the convenience store. Allow 10 days to pass since the opening of the Garden Center.
Home CenterSpend 50,000 Bells at Super T&T. Allow 21 days to pass since the opening of the Super Market. You must pay 70,000 to the Home Center for Gracie to appear in your town.
T&T EmporiumSuccesfully complete four Gracie Fashion Checks. Spend 100,000 Bells at the Home Center. Allow 30 days to pass since the opening of the Home Center.
Post Office ATM Rewards
Amass the required amount of bells to your bank account by making deposits using the Post Office ATM to receive special rewards through the mail
UnlockableHow to unlock
Letter Set500,000 bells
Box of Tissues100,000 bells
Piggy Bank1,000,000 bells
Aluminum briefcase5,000,000 bells
Post-office poster10,000,000 bells
Personal Safe20,000,000 bells
Mailman's Hat50,000,000 bells
Personal ABD100,000,000 bells
Redd's Fortune Cookies
Every Sunday in August, during the Fireworks show 7PM to Midnight, Redd runs a stand at the Town Plaza that sells Fortune Cookies for 500 Bells a piece. You can exchange the fortune inside for a prize.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Roman Candle or SparklerDud Ticket
Boxed FigurineBang Ticket
Love TesterPow Ticket
Lovely PhoneFlash Ticket
Miniature CarSparkle Ticket
Ten Billion BarrelWhiz Ticket
Ultra HandCrackle ticket
Ultra MachinePop Ticket
Ultra ScopeKaboom Ticket
Silver & Gold Tools
You can acquire upgraded versions of the normal tools by meeting the following requirements
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver AxePurchase from the gift shop on Tortimer's Island
Silver Fishing RodPurchase from the Museum Shop (see "Museum Shop" tip for how to unlock) after donating at least 30 fish
Silver NetPurchase from the Museum Shop (see "Museum Shop" tip for how to unlock) after donating at least 30 bugs
Silver ShovelPurchase from the Museum Shop (see "Museum Shop" tip for how to unlock) after donating at least 15 fossils
Silver SlingshotShoot down at least 16 balloon presents, and if you're lucky you'll eventually spot the tool floating in on 2 silver balloons
Silver Watering CanOpen the Garden Center and purchase at least 50 flower seeds, then talk to Leif
Golden AxeOpen the Garden Center and purchase at least 50 tree saplings, then talk to Leif
Golden Fishing RodCatch every kind of river and ocean fish in the game (deep sea fish not required), then attend a fishing tournament and talk to the host
Golden NetCatch every kind of bug in the game (to complete the bug book), then attend a bug catching tournament and talk to the host
Golden ShovelOpen the Garden Center and purchase at least 50 fertilizers from it (must have T&T Emporium first; see "Nookling Junction's Expansions")
Golden SlingshotShoot down at least 16 balloon presents, and if you're lucky you'll eventually spot the tool floating in on 3 gold balloons
Golden Watering CanMaintain a good town environment for at least 15 days in a row, then talk to Isabelle
qr code machinetalk to able ten days in a row


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Change the Club LOL Gyroids
If you go into Club LOL during the morning or afternoon before the show you can walk up on the stage. If you click A on one of the Gyroids you can choose to swap it with one in your inventory. This can give a new back beat to some of KK's songs while he is DJing or playing guitar!
Avoid Bees.
If you don't have a net (or don't feel like catching bees), you can avoid bees with this very simple technique.

As soon as the beehive falls from the tree, simply pause your game and click "Save and Continue". Your game will be saved, the bees will be gone, but you will be able to pick up the beehive if you wish without suffering the consequences.
Balloon Presents
Presents attached to balloons will come floating in from one of the sides of your town whenever the digit on the minute readout of your clock ends in the number "4" (e.g. 5:34, 5:54, etc.). Note that you must be outdoors around that time for the presents to appear.

Stand directly underneath the floating present's shadow and use your slingshot to shoot them down. You can purchase a slingshot after the 1st Nook store upgrade (T&T Mart); just keep checking the store to see if it's in stock. Shoot down 16 or more to make a slingshot upgrade appear later (see "Silver & Gold Tools").
Catching Coconut Beetles
Your know, the beetles that appear on Coconut/Banana Trees? The Golden Stag can be especially difficult to catch.

Make sure you are close enough to swing and catch it. But to get there carefully sneak up from below. Sneaking is crucial. If it stops moving you stop moving otherwise you'll scare it away. When it starts moving again you can sneak closer. If you can't tell the distance, press UP on the d-pad to see it from a better angle.
Club LOL
Upgrade Nookling Junction to T&T Mart (see "Nookling Junction's Expansions") and obtain 100% approval rating.

The next day you should find Dr. Shrunk outside of your house requesting you to help obtain signatures for his petition. Agree, then obtain signatures from six villagers by talking to them. Return the petition to Dr. Shrunk in Main Street.

Club LOL should open between 4 - 8 days, though some people have waited longer.
Reese's sleeping hubby, Cyrus is now awake, yahoo! Once you wake him he will make old stuff new again. He will also take a giant-clam shell + any music and make you a music box.
Dream Suite
The Dream Suite will allow you to visit "Dream Towns", special versions of your friends' towns which will not be affected by anything you do in them. To unlock the Dream Suite, at least seven days must pass once you become mayor. Then keep going to the Town Hall to eventually find Isabelle asleep. Talk to her and you'll be able to build the Dream Suite as a public work.

Uploading/updating your Dream Town
Interact with the couch at the back of the Dream Suite to obtain a "Dream Code" for your town which you can share in addition to your regular Friend Code. You can update your Dream Town whenever you make changes to your actual town simply by interacting with the couch again.
Fortune Teller Shop
Have your fortune told by Katrina (who occasionally appears in your town square) at least 20 times to add her shop as a public works project for the town.
Free unlimited flowers.
When doing a tour that does not require items, eg. The Gardening Tour, you can pick up flowers and you will keep them at the end of the tour.
Make sure you put them in the box before leaving. You can put up to 40 in the box.
Garden Center
To open the Garden Center store (needed to purchase fertilizer and flower seeds), you need to perform at least one of the following tasks 30 or more times: pull weeds, water flowers, plant trees/flowers. This will unlock the Garden Center as a possible public work.
Gemstone Rock
In addition to the rocks which are naturally part of your village, there will be one "fake" rock which can be destroyed to produce a gemstone used in furniture crafting.
Get hairstyle for opposite gender
Get your hair done by Harriet at Shampoodle at least 15 times, and she will give you the option to get a hairstyle for the opposite gender (female if your mayor is male and vice versa). Note that since you can also cross-dress in New Leaf, you can definitely have some fun with this!
Hammer Time!
On the island, sometimes an hammer will be on sale. You can hit objects and hit villagers. You can't cut down trees or hit fake rocks with it though. So have fun hitting all your villagers you hate.
Happy Home Academy
Once you pay off your initial 10,000 bell fee directly to Tom Nook and then your first home loan using the Post Office ATM, the Happy Home Academy will open the following day.

Here, Lyle will award you with "HHA Points" based on the furniture and decor you have in your house. The more furniture you have and the better matching they are, the more points you will be awarded.

Get enough points to earn special prizes in the mail.
See "HHA Awards".
Hit Balloon Presents with Net
If ballooned presents come from the coastal side of town, go to the cliff the rest of town is on. Before the balloon reaches the cliff, hit it with your net. Also, if the present comes from the other side of the town, as the balloon reaches the cliff it will lower allowing you to hit as well.
How to Catch a Bee
Have your net ready in your inventory. Shake a tree from BEHIND, this is crucial because it gives you the time you need to run away and get your net ready. When the hive drops out run NORTH a few squares, use Left or Right on the D-pad to pull out your net (it forces you to face forward, which is why I devised this strategy) and hold A to have it at the ready. When the gets close, right in front of you, release A and tada you just caught yourself a Bee!
Influencing which neighbors move into your town & where they will live
Another way to determine who will move into your and town and where they get to live is by creating a new character for the purpose of moving into your mayor's existing town.

This trick must be done before Nook Homes fences off an area for the new neighbor's home. This is easiest to do the day after your first neighbor moves in and successfully unpacks their belongings (they can be seen walking around outside). Instead of loading your mayor's file the day after your first neighbor settles in, from the main menu choose to create a new character and have him/her "Move In" to your existing town.

Go through the standard character creation options with Rover and enter your mayor's town; you should see another plot of land being fenced off by Nook Homes for the upcoming neighbor's home. If this area is not to your liking or if you simply don't want that particular neighbor, quit your game (using the Home button on the 3DS) WITHOUT SAVING.

This will "erase" your new character, so you need to repeat the process of making a new one and Moving In to the existing town. Keep doing this until the new neighbor is the one you want and/or will be building in an area that isn't going to be in your way. At that point you can save your game You can then keep your newly created character as another resident, or simply delete him/her without fear of losing your main character's (the mayor) progress.
Kicks Shoe Shop
Spend a total of 8000+ bells at the Able Sisters' shop at least 10 days after the town was first created to automatically begin construction of Kick's shop on Main Street.
Lots of medals.
For me the fasted way of getting medals is the elite scavenger hunt. A gold tortimor award gives you 16 medals!
How to play : Pick a scavenger hunt tour. All of them are pretty much the same. No pitfalls in any of them.
Tortimor will talk and talk , then when he says go , go to your inventory and look at the checklist. It shows you the items you need. Go in the houses and take what the item you need. There may be none of the items in some houses. You have about 4 minutes to get gold. Go back to tortimor once you get all the items.
If you get an item that you don't know about like a bonsai then pick up all the plants. Then either drop the ones not on your list and keep the one you remember or use the checklist to see if it is there. Then you know what it is and can put the other items back.
If you pick up items you don't need it is faster to drop them on the ground. Just make sure you keep the items you need.
When playing with friends all of you must finish. Make sure to help others when you are done. If not everyone finishes no one gets medals.
Mayor Card Photo Effects
By using one of two commands you can add either a black & white effect or sepia tone to your Mayor Card profile picture! During the countdown before the photo is taken, press and hold L for Black & White, and hold R for Sepia.
Money Rock
The lucrative money rock makes its return in New Leaf. Each day, one rock in your town will produce bells when repeatedly struck by an axe or shovel. You can collect up to 16,100 bells per day if you can strike the rock fast enough. If you take too long between your strikes (typically over one second), you'll break the chain and you won't be able to produce any more bells from that rock for the rest of the day.

The challenge is that you'll get pushed back each time you strike the rock. The more you hit the rock, the further you get pushed back, meaning it will become harder to hit in rapid succession the longer you do it. One easy way to prevent knockback is to use a shovel to dig a hole behind you and to your side, diagonally from the rock, before hitting the rock itself; these two holes will prevent you from moving back while you strike the rock, allowing you to maintain your momentum and maximize the amount of bells produced.

Striking the rock with a silver shovel will allow it to produce up to nine gemstones per day as well.
Moving from another game?
Moving from one game to another can be quite easy when you want to save all your items.

First clear out your mail pouch, and put 10 of the items you want to keep in a letter - only one can be put in at a time. Then, put all the other things you're saving in a cupboard, and pick that up - in Animal Crossing New Leaf up to 180 things can be stored in the cupboard at once. You hopefully now have 15 or less things you want to take. Pick them up and put them in your pockets. (Always take some fruit with you to plant in your new town.) Next, move. By the time you arrive you can simply set out your house and feel content as if you never moved. (If you want more things to come safely, make a new character, with the first character drop the items on the ground, and get the new character to pick them up.)
Museum Shop
Donate 20 items to your museum, and make sure you donated at least one of each category: bugs, fish, fossils, and artwork. Then talk to Blathers on 14 different days and you'll eventually find him thinking about something. Talk to him to unlock the museum shop as a public works project for your town.
Mushrooms can be found all throughout fall, but they also appear around tree stumps with special symbols (triforce, butterflies, clovers, oranges, etc) year round.
When you achieve a perfect town, a rare mushroom may appear buried underground next to a special stump.

Mushrooms can be a good way to earn some extra bells, and it's rather interesting to see the triforce on a tree stump in your town.
Police Station
Continue chatting with your villagers and eventually one will request it. This will add the Police Station to your list public work projects. You can choose to build one of two types of stations, each with a different villager addition; the Classic station will introduce Booker, while the Modern station has Copper instead. You cannot build more than one station, so you will not be able to introduce both to your town, and you will not be able to relocate it after settling on where to build it.

In addition to Booker or Copper providing the scoop on any special visitors in town (except for Katie or Pascal), the Police Station also has a Lost & Found which can be useful for some free items (like flower seeds).
Prevent new neighbors from moving onto certain spots
If you wish to reserve a certain portion of your village layout for your own purposes, you can prevent new neighbors from moving into that particular area simply by setting up public works like custom design boards in the desired spot(s).
Rules of Time Travel
There are a few things to keep in mind when time travelling. First of all, despite the title screen, your town does not change until you have visit it. This means that even if you don't play for a week, you can make it so that nothing has changed as long as you travel back to the last day you played. Keep in mind that new days do NOT start at midnight, they start at 6AM. If you are trying to make a single day longer, never travel backwards past 6AM as you will have made it a new day. Second, all backwards time travel that changes the day counts as one day forward. For example, if you go back a month, it will be like you went forward a day.
Secret Songs.
There are 4 secret songs in the game that you have to request. However one of them is only played to you in the week of your birthday.
Dream of Nap
Animal Island
Your Birthday
Unlock New Public Works Projects Faster.
Shampoodle Barber Shop
Spend a total of 10000+ bells at either Able Sisters' or Kicks at least 10 days after Kicks first opened in your town to unlock Shampoodle as a public works project for your town.
Skip Kapp'n's Song.
When you go the Island, and you don't feel like listening to Kapp'n sing, simply push B repeatedly. he will eventually stop and you will be taken immediately to the island.
Stunner bugs guide
Even though I've only caught two of the four stunners, I've decided to make a guide. So where shall we start?

They only appear June to September. They appear after 5pm and you will see them Buzzing near trees. You may get bitten but just swing your net at them and bam! One in the bag

If you shake a tree a bee hive will occasionally fall out. If the bees catch up with you and sting you, you will have a mark on your face. To get medicine buy it at t&t mart or a higher upgrade. There are many methods to catch bees. One of them is stand in the 10 o clock position and shake the tree. Get your net out immediately and swing it at the bees. Success! Oh and they won't spawn when your gates are open.

They appear June - August between 7pm - 4am. They are more common after 11pm. They are quite rare so it might take a while to find one. They are black spiders that crawl along the ground. Walk very slowly around your town. If you see one freeze. Do not walk around with your net out. When you see one equip your net a good distance away and slowly sneak up to it. If it turns around freeze. It will hiss at you but won't sting you. Sneak up some more and then wham! If you miss you will faint and wake up outside your house. They don't spawn when your gate is open.

They appear July - September between 7pm - 4am. They are more common after 11pm. They are quite rare so it might take a while to find one. They are a dark red color with pinchers and stingers that crawl along the ground. Walk very slowly around your town. If you see one freeze. Do not walk around with your net out. When you see one equip your net a good distance away and slowly sneak up to it. If it turns around freeze. It will hiss at you but it won't sting you.Sneak up some more and then wham! If you miss you will faint and wake up outside your house. They don't spawn when your gate is open.

Well I hope I helped!

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The Coffee Shop
After donating at least 50 items to the museum and at least seven days after opening the museum shop (see "Museum Shop"), talk to Blathers. Afterward you'll eventually catch Blather lost in thought again whenever you next visit him. Speak with him to unlock the Cafe as a public works project for your town.
Three Tools On Your First Day.
Nook's nephews can only sell 2 tools per day, unless you upgrade the store. This means that on your first day, you can only get two tools (unless you're playing on Wi-Fi - but let's assume you aren't).

This will only work if Nook is NOT selling the rod and net on the same day. You will see why.

If, for example, Nook is selling the net and the shovel on the first day, you can get the rod with a different method. Simply go to Isabella and ask her for tips. At one point she will ask you if you want to start with fishing or bug hunting. In this example, since you already have the net, select fishing. She will ask you to find a fishing rod. Talk to her again, and you will have an option that says something in the lines of "I couldn't find a fishing rod...". Select that option and she will sell you the fishing rod for 500 Bells.

This will work with the net, in case you got the rod from nook but not the net.
Unlocking in-game QR Code reader for custom designs
To gain access to Sable's sewing machine needed to produce or read QR codes for custom designs, talk to her in the Able Sisters' shop each day for at least fifteen days.
Use letters to clear up inventory space
If you find yourself running low/out of space to pick up new stuff, simply attach other things in your inventory to any writing paper you might have handy as presents. Don't mail them out as letters, just keep them in their separate inventory space. You can free up to 10 slots of your main inventory with this trick.
Visiting Tortimer's Island
To meet your town's former mayor and gain access to his island, pay off your first loan. Then talk to Tom Nook to get another home loan, and pay it off using the ABD machine in the Post Office.

When you next start up the game, Isabelle will introduce you to Tortimer, who you should talk with down at your town's docks. You'll be able to visit him at his island starting the next day by speaking to Kapp'n, a new NPC who appears at your docks, and paying the 1,000 bell fee.

Note that if you forget to speak with Tortimer the first time around, you can make him appear again by acquiring and paying off another loan in the same manner described earlier.


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How to make Katie stay overnight
Katie the Cat is supposed to leave at 6am the following morning if you don't help her go to another town. BUT if you leave your character "logged in" (don't use Save and QUIT) she will still be there the next morning. WARNING: When she is wandering your town you will not be able to find Phineas when you earn earn a badge until she leaves.
(Discovered unintentionally, I'm trying not to save and quit as I believe it supposed to help my grass growth.)
Island Shark Glitch - Unlimited Sharks!
Note - This works best if you go to your own island (recommended) or you are a Club Tortimer member, but you are best if you set your country to a different one with not many players from there (e.g. Russia) if you want this glitch to work with a better chance of nobody resetting you in the middle of it. - If you feel lucky or wear your lucky item to the island, skip to Step 5.

Go to the island.

Go outdoors and borrow a net, wet suit and fishing rod from Lloid.

Catch as many things as you can without filling your pockets and having to swap something.

Go inside and sell to Leila.

Go outside (again) and you may be lucky enough to find a shark and a shark-sized shadow with no fin, or if you're luckier two sharks.

Go indoors, and come back outdoors and you will hopefully find a few more sharks/large fish.

Repeat the process, remembering to keep selling them to Leila, and copy the cheat for 'Fill your savings account', and you'll soon become a 'bellionaire'!
Standing on a bench
In the summer sit down on a hence and wait for a mosquito to come near. Use the shocked emotion until it bites you. It will come up with the bitten dialogue. You should be standing up on the bench
Tweeter glitch
To do this glitch, you will need two players. One player blows the tweeter, the other pushes them. Keep doing this until they are out of bounds. You can do this to get on the train tracks, on top of buildings etc. this glitch also works with the throwing beans.
Walk through walls (Like you can with the tweeter glitch)
Okay so this glitch with allow you to get to places such as the train tracks, on top of building, in the river and many more places!

To do this glitch, unlike the tweeter glitch, you don't need anything special, just a normal old net, plain silver or gold.

Okay so first you need to stand facing a wall, if its a door you can turn away until you start walking, when you then turn back into it to avoid entering the building. Anyway all you have to do is hold A as if you were catching a bug and walk as slow as you can facing the wall. (And I mean this, you have to walk VERY slowly)

You should slowly end up walking through the wall.

Now, this is hard, and may take you several goes to get it right, but just keep trying!

The advantage to this rather than the tweeter glitch is that it allows someone to do it on their own, without the help of others, even if you are wifi'ing as a group, it will stop a person being left behind. It also doesn't require a tweeter or throwing beans to do the trick.

The disadvantage is that it is much harder to do than the tweeter glitch, so you should use that where possible.

Easter eggs

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"Lucky Item"
When Katrina, she appears in your village once a week, tells your fortune she says a certain clothing item will be your "Lucky Item", you can also get your fortune from her. If your having "bad" luck that day, meaning you trip and fall when you run, wearing your "lucky item" can negate this effect. But on a normal day if you wear your "lucky item" it has a effect on actually gameplay, ex. instead of dropping 100 bells, trees will drop 200 bells.

You can unlock her shop on Main Street after getting your fortune told 20 times. You can also get the Lovely Phone as a Fortune Cookie prize from Redd during the Summer Fireworks Show, It will tell you your fortune for your star sign every day as well as your "Lucky Item" for that day.
At 3:33am on Sundays and Mondays, an alien broadcast will appear on the TV. It includes an alien and a UFO. When the clock hits 3:34am, the TV will go back to static.