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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a new live-action trailer this week, dubbed Discover Your... posted 3 days ago

i think its a bummer that madden 12 doesn't have any historic teams MaddenNFL12 PS2

Adult Swim title Volgarr the Viking will be making its debut on Xbox One in November and... posted 15 hours ago

i like castle crashers =D CastleCrashers X360
"The Dark Below" has a release date, and a ton of new info! Destiny PS4

Today, Bungie announced that the first Destiny expansion, appropriately titled Destiny... posted Oct 23, 14 10:37am

Seven freshly unearthed indie games have been gathered together to bring to life the Humble... posted 3 days ago

The New Game + feels considerably underwhelming compared to RE4's NG+. :\ ResidentEvilRevelations PC
What do you think to the changes made to the Iron Banner? Destiny PS4

By now, you have to question why anyone would ever want to visit Kyrat. Sure, it can be pretty... posted Oct 24, 14 6:00pm

Two bosses fought so far and both have been very ammo draining. ;_; ResidentEvilRevelations PC

Titanfall is plenty fun, but for anyone who's been wishing for more out of Respawn's sci-fi... posted Oct 22, 14 1:37pm

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