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Another year, another F1 for all of those Codemasters fans out there. Another F1 2015, but all... posted Yesterday

He may be dead, but his soul lives on. NetherRealm Studios has just revealed that Liu Kang,... posted Yesterday

The second Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC, Ascendance, will be arriving on Xbox One and... posted Mar 24, 15 1:29pm

After a very brief announcement window that spanned less than 24 hours, Dragon Age: Inquisition... posted Mar 24, 15 1:29pm

Everyone, a round of applause for Bethesda and Tango Gameworks please. It has been just a scant... posted Mar 24, 15 11:39am

Dragon Age: Inquisition fans will have a reason to return very soon, with the Jaws of Hakkon... posted Mar 23, 15 1:35pm

With news breaking that the Game of Thrones television show will be spoiling the true ending of... posted Mar 23, 15 1:01pm

Mortal Kombat X will be getting another guest fighter in the form of Predator, who has been... posted Mar 20, 15 6:53pm

Dontnod, creators of the very well received adventure game Life is Strange, is hard at work... posted Mar 20, 15 2:28pm

As Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XI's final content updates and the closure of services... posted Mar 19, 15 7:54pm

With the success of Final Fantasy XIV and the years continuing to fly by, it was only a matter... posted Mar 19, 15 1:46pm

A rift between Hideo Kojima and the publisher behind his greatest works, Konami, has become... posted Mar 19, 15 1:00pm

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Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin will be coming out in just a few weeks to current and... posted Mar 17, 15 2:03pm

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