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Nintendo Wii-U Network ID List

This is the master list of all the Neoseeker members who have an Nintendo network ID list in their profile. The list is sorted in alphabetical order. For the forum post on network IDs and listings you can find it here.

You can get your Nintendo network ID listed by editing your ID in your Profile.

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Username Location Network ID
Xaboler barbotski
Xandersilk QLDAU Xandersilk
xarel1375 Hot and Humid LA, US Xarel1375
xaviey14 Pittsburgh PA, US xaviey14
xemnaskdh xemnaskdh
Xeno the Knight Federal Way WA, US XenoKnight
Xeref XerefDDD
xiphiidae Melbourne VIC, AU Xiphiidae
xixDUDE312xix Jacksonville FL, US DonavanSwag
xKittenZombiex NCUS xKittenZombiex
XnoidX5 US XnoidX5
XOC Bear Some cave SC, US CapnDonutBear
Xolthor Xolthor
Xorbah LAUS Xorbah
Xperious Livingston WI, US Xperious420
xtrussell Harrisburg IL, US TrussellTrain
Xxkilla408 Woodyn