Nintendo Wii-U Network ID List

This is the master list of all the Neoseeker members who have an Nintendo network ID list in their profile. The list is sorted in alphabetical order. For the forum post on network IDs and listings you can find it here.

You can get your Nintendo network ID listed by editing your ID in your Profile.

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Username Location Network ID
Gai ILUS GaiKai
GameOver Richmond VA, US TheGameIsOver
GamerGirlx3 d0minox35
garmedon97 New West BC, CA dcgangster201
gd224 gd2244
Georgieporgie San Diego CA, US SirGeorge03
Geosif KSUS Geosif
Giga Bowser Vancouver BC, CA GigaBowser
Gilraen wweenie
gingerbabycarrol manchester Greater Manchester, UK 3711-8927-6292
GlaceonGuy GlaceonGuy
GleamingCoral FLUS LavenderGhost8
glmtage shinoryoshu
gmetcalffriend Barnard Castle Yorkshire, UK Cupcake-Gamer-16
Gotenks Barrie ON, CA NeoKuhn
grahamhebden Annapolis MD, US grahamster12
grindxx Vancouver WA, US whirlwindzero
Groudon Tamer Neuss DE XephuZzHD
Grutzrul Belleville MI, US Grutzrul
guitarguru101 West MidlandsUK DarknessShines
Guosuto KKaylo
gwestfield1 US 1134-9054-6447