Nintendo Wii-U Network ID List

This is the master list of all the Neoseeker members who have an Nintendo network ID list in their profile. The list is sorted in alphabetical order. For the forum post on network IDs and listings you can find it here.

You can get your Nintendo network ID listed by editing your ID in your Profile.

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Username Location Network ID
E-Dude lavishspace890
eastcoastpimp664 Chicopee Massachusetts Jt12gage
Eclipse94 MAUS Tyler934
Eiche Delaware OH, US EicheNeo
ein41335420 suppermario437
Elitemario Ninjamario
elizabethodea96 Union City MI, US ToxicLove96
Ellerbeck VTUS Ellerbeck
elliejaynex elliejaynex
Elliptical a hole GOAWAY KittehCatten
emerald9212001 ColdFlareX32
Emeraldasp MIUS emeraldasp
Emilee PrincessEmilee16
emmswonderland US halloweensweet
Empress1986 CAUS Empress1986
Emuzandro Emuzandro
Enpeithree US Enpeithree
Enth Southampton UK Enth01
eroxze eroxze
Espidow Espidow
Estepa01 London Greater London, UK Ninjacayk
eufleuric eufleuric
EvilWaffles7 Boston MA, US StarGazer777
Exar Kun New York City NY, US Genesect4ssb4