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Having a really fun time with this game, just a great platformer: ShovelKnight Wii U

wrote a user review for LEGO City: Undercover (wii-u)


Released in 2013 by TT Fusion, Lego City Undercover is yet another game where you control those...

wrote a user review for New Super Mario Bros. U (wii-u)


The idea of New Super Mario Brothers was for Nintendo to make what was old new again. The irony is...

Addicted, addicted, addicted. Oh, did I mention that I was addicted? ChildOfLight PS Vita

Reports are coming out that Squids Odyssey will be the fist game to offer cross-buy for the Wii... posted Jun 30, 14 9:32am

wrote a user review for Mario Kart 8 (wii-u)


Every Nintendo system since the original Mario Kart debuted for SNES has received a Mario Kart...

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata remains firmly entrenched as President and CEO, having been re-elected... posted Jun 27, 14 10:45am

After 28 years, Princess Zelda is finally getting her promotion to queen. Hyrule Warriors, the... posted Jun 25, 14 3:12pm