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Experience the paranormal.

The Revenants is a top-down, touch and gesture-based action puzzle game created by Chaotic Moon Studios. The game follows a newly formed spirit as it finds clues, solves puzzles, learns spells, and captures other ghosts. The goal is to absorb their powers and transform your character from a weak, insignificant spirit to a powerful Revenant ghost-god.

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Featuring a unique touch based interface, amazing graphics, and fast paced arcade action, The Revenants is a hypnotic experience that puts your skills up against the forces of the paranormal.

Starting as a lowly spirit, you must fight your way through increasingly challenging hordes of enemies to become a revenant God! But your journey won’t be easy. Each of your enemies holds a different paranormal power, and all of them have the ability to work together to defeat you.

With each increasingly difficult level, your strategy skills will be put to the test as you learn to control your powers and defeat your enemies.

The Revenants will be launching this holiday season exclusively on Windows Phone 7 featuring Xbox Live integration.

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