The award winning blockbuster - all new for windows Phone 7! Enjoy hours of timeless fun in Marathon Mode or keep it fresh with up to 12 exciting Tetris® variations. Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, the official Tetris® game for Windows Phone 7 is an absolute essential!

Gameplay & Features

  • Use your existing Xbox Live Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone 7 main menu to track achievements and access leaderboards
  • Acquire a total of 11 achievements and score up to 200 Gamerpoints.
  • See how you rank against your friends - Check out various leaderboards to see where your high scores place against friends on the Xbox LIVE network.
  • Play and unlock up to 12 variations - Unlock variations by performing Tetris achievements like making four Tetris Line Clears in one game or clearing 400 lines. Complete all the feats and open up Radical – the hardest and fastest version of the Tetris game ever!
  • Check out the pro trainer - See how the world’s best Tetris gamers play - and improve your own game in the process.
  • Track feats and stats - Easily view the feats you’ve achieved, plus see your stats and scores.

Hardware Info

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