Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game in which the player can build structures and tools out of materials gained by gathering, mine for rare minerals and hidden treasures, or just explore the vast open world and dark vast network of caves.

Game Play

Minecraft is mainly played from a first person point of view. There is no story to Minecraft, the object of the game is to build a shelter to survive the monsters that appear at nighttime out of 3D blocks found all over the world by mining. You could even make a castle from dirt and sand if you so wish. Minerals can be mixed to create new and stronger materials, tools and weapons. Monsters can be killed either for fun, defense or to harvest materials out of them. You can kill exploding creepers of gun powder and craft a TNT for instance. Crafting is also a major aspect of Minecraft's gameplay, which follows an explore, gather, craft, create and use pattern. Thousands of probabilities of structures can be achieved, if you want to build a bridge around the whole map or build a thousand feet high tree house, it is all up to you and limited by your imagination. The game is also playable with the multiplayer mode where you can engage other players in battles, or help each other defeat creepers and monsters and build massive and great structures.


Minecraft boasts an impressive randomly generated world for you to play in, of which you can have five saved at any one time. The overworld can be pretty spectacular with waterfalls, rivers, and mountains, but the game really begins underground, in mazes of twisting tunnels and perilous lava pools. The game is also very small on harddrive size, despite its massive in-game environment. Armors and helmets that the player can wear are also possible by crafting it out of materials mined.

Hardware Info

Minecraft requires Java in order to play, but supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and some other systems. It is currently only for PC.

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