Rock out on guitar, drums and bass with up to 32 of the hottest rock ‘n’ roll songs and additional downloadable songs from Blink-182, David Bowie, Nirvana, Sublime, Vampire Weekend, and other iconic bands.

Game features

Great rock 'n' roll: Play guitar, drums, and bass guitar on all songs in MP3 quality audio! The game includes 32 of the hottest rock ‘n’ roll songs.
New venues: Rock in three new venues: San Francisco, Cairo, and the New York City subway.
New items: Unlock four additional guitars and drums, earn achievements, and break records!
Game modes: Two game modes and three difficulty settings will test your skills and provide endless replay value.
Rock on!: Bring the rock ‘n’ roll experience to life on your phone with animated rockers, crowds, and venue interiors.

Hardware Info

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In one fell swoop, Activision has axed development behind the long-running Guitar Hero series, and the upcoming... posted Feb 09, 11 11:39pm

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3/5 GuitarHero5 PS3
Jul 20, 10 10:05pm
great music GuitarHero5 PS3
Feb 10, 10 6:26am
3/5 GuitarHero5 PS3
Jan 20, 10 5:24pm
i Really Want this Game :D GuitarHero5 PS3
Dec 17, 09 6:54pm
More hand destruction, s'all good. GuitarHero5 PS3
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Oct 31, 09 3:46am

It's that time of year again guy, so you're getting our annual holiday guide. Yes, Neoseeker's Holiday Guide 2009 - Part 1 is now published! But isn't it kinda early for that sort of thing? Hell no, because we're just getting started. As December draws near, we'll be posting the rest of our Holiday Guide piece by piece.

Each time, we'll include hardware and video games our staff gave stellar reviews for. You'll find everything meticulously categorized by use and genre for your convenience. Whether you're looking to reward yourself or for a gift to someone else, our guides should have something to suit your needs! From Halo 3: ODST to Guitar Hero, Uncharted 2 to Pokemon Platinum...

Again, we'll have more guides coming soon. But if you have a product in mind that we haven't covered, go ahead and ask about it. Major holiday titles are also on the way and will no doubt appear in future 2009 guides.

LINK: Neoseeker's Holiday Guide 2009 - Part 1

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Mcilrath blogged
Aug 24, 09 1:15pm

As has been the case for years, there will always be someone who gets access to a game early and leaks as much about the game as they can. How much the leak consists of, depends entirely on two things: the morality of the lucky bastard, and the legal limits.

A few things have been confirmed that I do like though; forward compatibility for almost every WT/SH track, 10 minute long customs and the Matthew Bellamy rumour was confirmed (whilst I wouldn't say I like this for what it is, he's no KD after all, I would say I'd like this because it'll shut up people asking about it).

Now, for everything else other than how bland the box art is:

Over the past hour or so, I've been watching the videos on Youtube of the GH5 charts kindly uploaded by SchnackAttack69, and I'm now anticipating the UK release of this game much less than I was yesterday. The charts look crap over all for various reasons; Sweating Bullets by Megadeth, for example, has the worst chart I've ever seen since it's so horrendously inaccurate and is stupidly undercharted, and then we have the chart nicknamed Before I Forget v2.0 (the Children of Bodom song)...

I was, originally, going to get this on release date since it had the best setlist - in my opinion - since Smash Hits (who can fault a GH game that has Beast and the Harlot, Cult of Personality and Bark at the Moon?) but now I probably won't. If I do, it'll be to play Dueling Banjos and Satch Boogie on a better engine.

Oh, whilst I remember: Bring The Noise 20XX. Oh God, BtN20XX...



Now, either that's the stupidest re-recording in the history of ever or Neversoft went out of their way to intentionally slow the vocals down...

Et finalment: I'm still waiting for Guitar Hero 4 (Neversoft have said that GHWT =/= GHIV).

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