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Trine 2: Director’s Cut, exclusively for the Wii U, features the critically acclaimed original Trine 2 game, a number of enhancements and gameplay polish, alongside a new game mode called “Magic Mayhem”, designed exclusively for the Wii U.

Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game of action, puzzles and platforming. You play as one of the Three Heroes who make their way through dangers untold in a fantastical fairytale world. The game features an exciting adventure full of action, including physics-based puzzles using fire, water, gravity and magic; wicked goblins on a quest to ruin the kingdom for good; and a magical environment full of wonder.

For the first time in the series, Trine 2 introduces online cooperative multiplayer support for up to three players, alongside the local multiplayer mode.

The upcoming new expansion campaign, Trine 2: The Goblin Menace, will also be released on the Wii U at launch as a console exclusive.


Trine 2: Director's Cut
  • “The Developers' vision” fully formed
  • Improved gameplay and a myriad of level changes
  • Over 100 minor changes to the original game, including improved gameplay, level changes, new vocals and character interactions and user experience improvements
  • New control system designed for the Wii U
  • Special multiplayer features for the New Controller and support for up to three Wii Remote™ controllers.
  • Improved console graphics only available on the Wii U
  • New collectible shards that unlock a new non-campaign game level featuring all-new puzzles
  • Campaign support for the new skills in The Goblin Menace expansion
Trine 2: Magic Mayhem (included in the Director’s Cut)
  • An all-new “party mode” for up to 4 players
  • Online or offline multiplayer
Trine 2: The Goblin Menace
  • Add-on content for Trine 2: Director’s Cut
  • A new adventure featuring the heroic trio in a tall tale of goblin menace
  • 6 new levels chock-full of new puzzles, hazards, enemies and contraptions
  • New skills for each character with new possibilities for puzzle solving
  • Completely new environments ranging from burning desert to snowy mountains to the insides of a giant sand whale

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Noticed Trine 2 on Nintendo store and played the demo. Pleasantly surprised! Never played the original. Bought immediately. Trine2DirectorsCut Wii U
Absolutely stunning! So far it's been fantastic to play through. Certainly a great sequel. Trine2DirectorsCut Wii U

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