One night Mario has a strange dream while sleeping. In this dream he saw a very long staircase that ended in a door. When the door was opened a vast new world lay before him. A voice declared the world as Subcon, and pleaded for Mario's help against a villian called Wart.

The next day Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Princess head out for a picnic. When they arrive at the site they spot a cave and investigate. To their surprise they find the same staircase Mario had seen in his dream. So their adventures in the land of Subcon had begun.


  • Play as one of four characters, each with their own special talents
  • Defeat enemies by throwing vegetables, pow blocks, mushroom blocks or even other enemies
  • Grab powerups, such as the mushroom or the power star, to help you against the enemy
  • Make your way through 20 levels for the final battle against Wart

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