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The blue blur has recently gained a new world addition to break the sound barrier in. Joining... posted Mar 26, 14 8:22pm

FC:3179-6639-0489 Name:Razor...Merry Christmas...put a comment add me SonicLostWorld 3DS

A surprisingly depressing announcement was made at today's December Nintendo Direct event, as... posted Dec 18, 13 6:02pm


I can see why people don't like this game. But I can also see why people DO like this game.

Sonic Lost World is less than a month away from launch, so how about an extended look at the... posted Sep 23, 13 11:45am

All of the recent footage of this game has got me wanting a WiiU more than ever.
People say either two things in regards to this game.
1] It's like the Adventure era games. It's naff. / It's not the modern controls. I don't like it.
2] This game is excellent and I want it.
The people who say number one are those who haven't even played it. Granted, I haven't played it yet, but at least I can judge it for what it is, not what came before it. Even SEGA themselves say that this is possibly the best Sonic game they have created [alothough they say that about all Sonic games they make] but this time, critics are actually liking it as well. There are numerous previews for this game, and most of them are very positve. The only ones that aren't, well... you can tell they're just shoving the game because they didn't take the time to get to know it and its controls, as that's what those preivews will mainly focus on.
I believe SEGA when they say best Sonic game in years, and you only have to look at the footage to know it most likely will be. Not everyone will agree, as it goes. Oh well, I've had my say, and within the next month I'll hopefully have a WiiU. Or at least the chance to finally play this game. SonicLostWorld Wii U

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In case nostalgia over the good ol' years of Sonic wasn't enough to make you key into Sonic... posted Aug 22, 13 5:26pm

Ah, the wonderful irony that Sonic Lost World is only being developed because of Sega's exclusive partnership... posted Jun 16, 13 11:54pm

Hooray! It appears as if all of the Sonic Lost World details that were exclusive to some other site yesterday...

posted May 29, 13 9:00am

Prepare yourselves, the Sonic Lost World debut trailer has just been released and -- wait for it -- it looks...

posted May 28, 13 1:20pm

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