Rayman Legends is the latest Ubisoft title starring their iconic limbless platforming hero Rayman. Following the same scope and style of its predecessor, Rayman Origins, Legends takes the reins of the series and directs it towards a more fantastical setting. This includes levels including dragons, mariachi music, Mount Olympus, dungeons, and legions of small, black nightmare creatures.

Much like its predecessors, Rayman Legends is a 2D platformer that encourages speedy completion of each of its levels. The main goal of a level is to finish it at all, but other objectives include discovering hidden "Teensies" which the player has to free. It's through collecting these Teensies that the player will unlock levels further on in the game.

Featured in Rayman Legends was also the introduction of musical rhythm-based levels. Players were forced to run max-speed, leading them to perform platforming elements in beat with the tune of a song. This feature eventually spun off into its own, mobile title.

Rayman Legends isn't without its controversies. The sequel was originally planned to be released as a Wii U exclusive, but after Nintendo's poor console launch Ubisoft pulled their support and postponed the launch of the game almost a year. As a result, the game came first to Sony and Microsoft's consoles, rather than the Wii U. It's said that this decision by Ubisoft angered the development team, though project lead Michel Ancel decided to remain with Ubisoft nonetheless.

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