The 1987 release of Mega Man for the NES marked the beginning of what would become a long running franchise for Capcom. Titled "Rockman" in Japan, the game is an action platformer where the player controls humanoid robot Mega Man as he runs, jumps, shoots and slides his way through six side-scrolling levels filled with obstacles and enemies.

The title was notable for its time in that players could select which level to play in any order. At the end of each level is a powerful Robot Master boss who yields his signature weapon when defeated. Each Robot Master is weak to a special weapon earned from another, encouraging players to discover the optimal order in defeating them. This gameplay would become a series staple for years to come.

Mega Man was produced by a team of six developers including character designer and artist Keiji Inafune, who would become tied to the series until his departure from Capcom in 2010.

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