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Product Wiki Description:Mario Kart 8 is, without doubt, the Wii U's star game for the console's lifespan up to this point. Once again Mario and all of his friends (and enemies) have grouped together to do what they do best -- race against each other in gokarts while throwing shells, bananas and bombs at each other. Winning won't be easy -- seriously, most of these tracks don't even have safety railing -- but each racer is dedicated and confident. Especially Luigi. That dude's freaky how into racing he is.

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Release Date (North America):May 30, 2014 submit new
Release Date (Europe):May 30, 2014 submit new
Release Date (Japan):May 29, 2014 submit new
Release Date (Australia):May 31, 2014 submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:None submit new
Publisher:Nintendo submit new
Developer:Nintendo submit new
Online Co-op:2-4 submit new
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Online Multiplayer:12 max submit new
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