The SNES may have already been released by the time Kirby's Adventure was released, but just because this title was on the older of the two consoles at the time one would be foolhardy to skip over this game!

Following the events of Kirby's Dream Land, King DeDeDe has decided to cause more problems for Dream Land. This time, he's taken the Star Rod from the Fountain of Dreams and split it into seven parts. Six of the parts were scattered amongst his followers, while he held onto the seventh and final part.

While the reasons for this act aren't known by Kirby, the repercussions of Triple D's actions have caused the citizens of Pop Star to stop having dreams! As a result, Kirby has no choice but to head out and seek the seven pieces of the Star Rod and restore things to the way they were!

Game Play

The basic game mechanics that were introduced in the original have returned, but it wouldn't be a sequel if something new wasn't introduced! And in the case of Kirby's Adventure is an Ability that would become a staple in the series: known as the Copy Ability.

Starting with this game, Kirby is able to Inhale an enemy with a special Ability and Swallow said enemy to Copy that enemy's power and use it against his opponents! This creates a variety of game play options, and while most of these can't be used underwater, they all have one common thread: if Kirby gets hit whilst in possession of a Copy Power he'll lose it in the form of a Star that bounces around the stage. Kirby has to Inhale said star and swallow it before it disappears or falls into a pit/water to reacquire that Ability.

There are a total of 24 Copy Abilities in this game, spread over seven worlds and many different stages, including a special treat near the end of the game: the five stages of Kirby's Dream Land in one stage!

Also, this titled would get an enhanced re-released on the Game Boy Advance as Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.


  • 2 modes of difficulty
  • VS Boss mode, new to the series
  • 3 Fun Mini-games, also a first in the franchise

Hardware Info

NES: 1 Game Cartridge
3DS/Wii U: Nintendo eShop

Official URL Page.
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