FIFA Soccer 13 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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FIFA Soccer 13 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Games Radar 4/5 Nov 21 '12
Nintendo The Official Magazine 80% Dec 02 '12
Nintendo World Report 9/10 Nov 20 '12
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FIFA Soccer 13 Previews

website publish date article rating
Destructoid Aug 04 '12
Shacknews Aug 09 '12
Computer and Video Games Aug 02 '12
Computer and Video Games May 15 '12
Computer and Video Games Jul 23 '12
Games Radar May 15 '12
Games Radar Aug 02 '12
Games Radar Jun 05 '12
GameSpot May 15 '12
GameSpot May 15 '12
Nintendo The Official Magazine Oct 23 '12
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Quoted from FIFA Soccer 13 Reviews:
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"Growing pains aside, this is a confident first effort that points to FIFA having a strong future on Wii U. Whether or not it'll become the FIFA format of choice over the long haul will depend on control systems the Wii U's rivals pull out of their locker, but one thing is for certain; once you've experienced the satisfaction of having all that tactical power in your hands, you'll never go back."
"It may be missing out on some of the subtle additions that the PS3 and 360 editions of FIFA 13 are receiving, but FIFA 13 on the Wii U has its own little bag of tricks to draw from. Good tricks, no less; not gimmicks as all of the touch mechanics are great. The tap to shoot ability gives you rewarding control over where you’re trying to put your shots, while being able to handle some of the tactical minutia without stopping play keeps things moving at a steady clip. There’s even a friends tab that allows you to see your Wii U friends and send them messages or game invites with ease right from the FIFA 13 interface, with a full onscreen keyboard. That’s pretty big on a Nintendo console."
"System launches are typically unkind to sports simulations, often as a result of developers being saddled with unfamiliar technology and immovable deadlines. FIFA 13 Wii U bucks that trend. EA’s flagship sports franchise makes a strong debut on Nintendo's new console, combining innovation with a proven engine that delivers in many ways."
"Impact Engine aside, there are numerous bits and pieces on the pitch that make the Wii U version of FIFA 13 infinitely better than any other version released on a Nintendo system."
"While the missing features are disappointing, I think the GamePad functionality adds a lot to the game. As someone who has bought many versions of the series over the past few years on multiple platforms, I would argue that this is the best one I’ve played, because the GamePad use adds so much to the formula."