An average teenage boy, a girl with special powers, the son of a scientific genius, and a prince of a far-off land...

Their destinies are about to bring them together on an incredible journey to defeat an unspeakable evil, and it all starts with a meteor crashing into Onett, where Ness learns that he can learn powerful Psychokinetic (PK) powers. Powers that will be necessary to defeat this evil: Giygas.


As the sequel to the NES game Mother, which wasn't released outside of Japan on the NES, the gameplay is similar to that game but evolved greatly for the SNES. Battles take place by making contact with an enemy, just don't let them make contact with you from behind or the side or else they'll strike first!

In battle, commands can be selected to determine what happens next, be it a regular attack (Bash), Magic (PSI), Items (Goods), Defend, Run Away, or you can have the game determine what happens by selecting Auto Fight, which can be cancelled by pressing B.

As the journey progresses, various things will be mentioned by the NPC's, and as you defeat various Bosses new objectives will open up and things will become available that weren't available before. But be careful: this game's loaded with more than a little bit of Irreverent Humor, so it's easy to get sidetracked that way.

Eventually, Ness will have three allies join him: Paula, a girl that can also use a variety of PK powers; Jeff, a mechanical genius that can fix broken machines; and Poo, a prince from a far-off kingdom capable of using a variety of physical and PK powers.

The journey goes from the small towns to a cult-run village, a Zombie-infested town, the big city, a port town, deserts, a swamp, and a variety of other destinations, all of which to find the 8 "Your Sanctuaries," reach "Your Sanctuary," and reach the ultimate evil.

The weapons may seem a bit odd, but in an RPG that's was the best at being irreverent before the pilot episode of Family Guy aired, it fits right in! Amongst the enemies include wild animals, people that are corrupt, the undead, objects that would otherwise be "inanimate," mutated lifeforms and aliens from another world, all of which influenced and corrupted by the megalomaniacal Giygas!

And what RPG would be complete without a variety of puzzles to solve?

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