In Donkey Kong 3 you are Stanley, a little gardener determined to keep Beespys (smaller bees), Buzzbees (fatter bees), snakes (named Creepy), butterflies, and other pests away from his flowers, which are planted in a row at the bottom of the screen. Armed with a can of insecticide, Stanley must run and jump along some platforms (which are positioned just above the flowers), spraying away at the swarming, descending creatures.

In addition to keeping his flowers safe, Stanley must also worry about Donkey Kong, who climbs down from vines that are suspended from the top of the playfield. Spraying the coconut-throwing ape forces him up the vines. If Stanley lets him reach the bottom of the vines, Donkey Kong jumps down and kills Stanley. If Stanley can manage to exterminate all of the flying pests, or if Donkey Kong is forced all the way to the top, Stanley will move on to the next round. If Stanley protects all of his flowers, he gets bonus points.

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