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Darksiders II Reviews

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Nintendo The Official Magazine 80% Jan 01 '13
Nintendo The Official Magazine 80% Jan 01 '13
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Darksiders II Previews

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Computer and Video Games Sep 22 '11
Nintendo The Official Magazine Apr 02 '12
Nintendo The Official Magazine Aug 09 '11
NowGamer Jul 19 '11
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"Darksiders 2 is a solid, gritty adventure game that will keep you busy for a long time. It's got impressive combat, an incredible soundtrack and an engaging storyline."
" Vigil Games give Death a chance.After Vigil Games first Darksiders game was so well received, it was a pleasant surprise to see a sequel. And here Darksiders 2 looks to add in a few changes, as well as a dose of new features too. The change in main character for Darksiders 2 is more than just a cosmetic one, or one brought about purely for story reasons. No, the replacement of War with Death brings with it a nimbler, quicker character and so a different style of play. Unlike War’s lumbering ox technique, as it was probably called, Death dances around the (under)world, tearing it up with his dual mini-scythes. Though he is still capable of wielding massive hammers, naturally. Aside from combat, it should mean more fun with platforming sections too. Then there's the added loot. It’s a decision that makes sense: adding more RPG features to the Darksiders formula. But what does that mean in real terms? Well, more numbers, obviously, but best of all it means loot. We, as human beings with souls, love loot. Loot is great. Loot makes the world loot loot. Loot. Sorry, got a bit looted away there. More of the traditional role-playing touches will surely mean more carrots-on-sticks pushing you through the game and, love it or hate it, a more needlessly addictive experience throughout. It’s only fair to talk about the story a bit, we suppose. Darksiders 2 isn’t a sequel or prequel – it’s a parallel. Running alongside War’s original tale of Armageddon being triggered too early and him being blamed, this time around we get Death’s story as he tries to uncover what he believes is a conspiracy against his Horseman brother. Mainly by killing things, we’d imagine. Well, he is Death. If you like your comic book stories of big super-men killing things and sounding angry all the time, this is likely to appeal. Additionally, Darksiders 2 is set to be a huge game, with silly little things like ‘this dungeon is bigger than the whole first game put together’ or something like that being thrown around. Oh wait, that’s not silly, that’s really quite impressively massive. So huge free-roaming towns to explore, houses and other abodes, the Underworld – it sounds very much like Darksiders 2 will come across in a much more clearly-defined, cohesive fashion than the first game. Death will have access to his little poppo from the very start of the game – the adorably-named Despair. This hooven-spawn of the underworld certainly looks the part, with its skin all ‘not there’ and a general sense of zombiefication about it. With the increased size of Darksiders 2 it makes sense that your transport is available from the beginning – nobody wants to slowly plod around an open-world when they could be riding in zombie-ish-horse style. We already prefer it to Ruin, War’s horse. We actually didn’t expect to see a Darksiders 2, so it was a pleasant surprise when it was finally confirmed as being real. And its coming has also arrived hand-in-hand with more talk of future games in the series, likely involving the other two Horsemen, Fury and Strife. Also nattered about by those at Vigil is the possibility of multiplayer – something they apparently wanted for this game, but not quite crammed in. For now, we’ll spend our time concentrating on this game instead of a non-existent future game. Darksiders 2’s main issue is the fact it’s a Darksiders game. Yes, that’s a weird problem. See, while we – like so many other correct people – rightly gave the original a very good score, there still seems to be an attitude of ‘who cares?’ directed at the series from a number of gamers. They should be giving it a chance, but a lot haven’t, and while we’re more than happy to see a new Darksiders, this apparent apathy could bite number two in the backside."