Bayonetta 2 is the Wii U exclusive sequel to Platinum Games' 2010 action game from Hideki Kamiya, the director of Devil May Cry. Publisher Nintendo has confirmed that physical retail copies of Bayonetta 2 will also bundle a Wii U port of the first game, allowing players to experience both titles on the platform for the first time. The digitally distributed eShop releases of either title will instead include a discount for the other game.

The exclusive release on Wii U owes to Nintendo directly requesting Platinum Games to produce a sequel for its home console platform. This partnership even extends to in-game content, with Bayonetta 2 featuring homages to various classic Nintendo franchises like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

While Kamiya assumes a supervisory role for Bayonetta 2, the title remains firmly rooted in the acrobatic and over-the-top cinematic action he helped pioneer for console gaming. Players directly control Bayonetta as she maneuvers and attacks with various weapons and firearms in both her hands and in her boots, as well as unleashing magical attacks and powerful demonic abilities. Victory in boss encounters will expand Bayonetta's arsenal and magical skills. In addition to fighting enemies, players must also overcome stages filled with platforming challenges that can alter even the way the fights themselves unfold.

Bayonetta 2 supports the Wii U Pro Controller for a "classic" control setup, as well as the Wii U GamePad for touchscreen and stylus controls. The GamePad also supports Off-TV play to allow Bayonetta 2 to be played directly on the controller away from the television.

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