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Batman: Arkham Origins serves as a prequel to the rest of the Batman Arkham series and is set back before the caped crusader encountered many of his most famous villains. This Batman is more a novice vigilante compared to the dark knight that we know from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. On Christmas Eve, Black Mask places a bounty of 1 million dollars on the caped crusaders head and eight deadly assassins take up his offer to kill Batman. Origins serves as a defining moment of Batman's career as a crime fighter as he comes face-to-face with some of his most deadly adversaries for the first time and struck up alliances for the first time as well.

Arkham Origins has the same free-flow style of melee combat that was featured in the previous Arkham games and throws in a few new enemies to the usual thug list such as the Enforcer and the Martial Artist that must be fought differently compared to other enemies. New gadgets such as the concussion detonator and remote claw are both introduced as well. The concussion detonator stuns opponents allowing Batman to hit his dazed foe and the remote claw fires out a tightrope that Batman can walk across to reach a high area. Batman will fight a group of several super villains and he can also engage in "Crimes In Progress" that randomly appear throughout the several districts in the city where Batman can fight off groups of criminals in the streets of Gotham.

Batman has access to his batcave that he can travel to at any time to get information from his batcomputer or chat with his butler Alfred. Origins' Gotham City is so big that the game offers a fast travel option where Batman can go to certain points and fly to his destination instantly using his Batwing. The Riddler has hidden many collectibles throughout the city for Batman to collect (extortion packs) in order to keep The Riddler from exposing everyone's personal information. Along with the main campaign, Arkham Origins offers a challenge mode and a new online multiplayer mode. The online multiplayer allows players to play as Batman or Robin or one of a group of three thugs in two teams - so basically, it is a 2v3v3 style multiplayer mode.

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