Terraria is a side scrolling, 2D, sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic and coded primarily by Andrew "Redigit" Spinks. Originally developed on Microsoft Windows it has since been ported to other platforms such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. The basis of the game revolves around exploring the cube-like world, mining for resources, crafting and construction, with various incorporated combat elements.

The game made its debut on Microsoft Windows on May 16, 2011 where it received an estimated 50,000 downloads in the first day, where 17,000 people were recorded online at peak times. During it's first week it went on to sell a total of 200,000 copies on Steam, making it the most sold game of the week, usurping Triple-A titles such as The Witcher 2 and Portal 2. As of January 2013 over 2.5 million copies of the game have been sold. In October 2014 the game became DRM-free when it makes its appearance on GOG.com. The game was released 2 years later, in 2013, on other platforms, developed by Engine Software on consoles and Codeglue on mobile devices.


The game follows a nameless 16-bit character that explores the 2D world of Terraria, in a style that resembles the sprite style found in old SNES gaming systems. The game follows a typical sandbox adventure style of gameplay, similar to titles such as Metroid and Minecraft.

At the start of the game players start in a randomly generated world where they are given the basic tools to survive, such as a pickaxe for mining, an axe for woodcutting, and a short sword for combat. During the exploration of the world, many materials are available, such as ores, which are accessible by mining. Some materials can only be found in certain parts of the world such as in underground caves, in meadow-y areas, or even as drops from defeated enemies. Players can use the resources they gather to craft all new items, or use the raw materials to build constructions, such as shelters and homes. The crafting mechanic in the game is extensive, often requiring the layering of crafted materials, where one recipe will be used as single ingredient in another.

While exploring in the randomly generated world, the player will come across a variety of different enemies, from simple slimes, to zombies, and unique boss-type characters. These enemies are often location specific or only appear at certain times of the day. On occasion they can also appear by player interaction or by special events in the game. Each enemy has a different combat approach and some, more so unique boss enemies, will drop otherwise unobtainable loot which can be used for crafting or enhancing the character.

Also littering the world of Terraria are NPCs, some of which will be appear after completing certain in-game milestones or achievements (such as beating Eye of Cthulhu, finding a gun, acquiring 50 gold, etc). These characters will then reside in the players house where they will offer certain services, such as the buying and trading of items that may be unique only to that character.

There are many areas in the game, known as Biomes, these include but are not limited to; Hallow, Corruption, Crimson, Snow, Forest, Floating Island, Desert, Cavern, and Underworld. Each of these areas will have different environments, enemies (including bosses), and materials.

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