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Resistance: Burning Skies pulls you into an entirely new dimension of the Resistance universe. Set in a tale of survival during the August 1951 Chimeran invasion of the East Coast, you take control of Tom Riley, an everyday firefighter from New Jersey who is thrown headfirst into the teeth of the Chimeran war machine, forcing him to redefine his notions of duty and heroism.

Riley is called away during a seemingly routine fire call and finds himself thrust into the midst of the brutal Chimeran invasion (Resistance 2 fans: this parallels the period when Nathan Hale returns from Europe). Riley is possessed with a singular determination to find his wife and child, but along the way he’ll be embroiled in a far larger conflict that will determine the fate of New York and leave him a key inspirational hero of the Resistance.

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Resistance Burning Skies is one of them games you don't really have...

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  • Genre: Action Shooter
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Nihilistic
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Released
    North AmericaMay 29, 2012
    EuropeMay 30, 2012
    JapanJul 12, 2012
    AustraliaMay 31, 2012
  • Also known as:
  • Resistance: America Saigo no Teikou in Japan
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