Ragnarok Odyssey Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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Ragnarok Odyssey Reviews

website score publish date article quality
CheatCC 2.2/5 Nov 10 '12
DarkStation 10/10 Dec 03 '12
Destructoid 9/10 Oct 31 '12
Gaming Illustrated 85/100 Dec 26 '12
gamrReview 7.7/10 Nov 27 '12
RPGFan 70/100 Nov 01 '12
ZTGD 8.5/10 Nov 14 '12
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Ragnarok Odyssey Previews

website publish date article rating
Worthplaying Jul 28 '12
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CheatCC on

"Ultimately, Ragnarok Odyssey is a game that’s painfully mediocre and flawed at its very core. It’s wrapped in a fairly respectable combat system and sparkled up with an incredible opening..."

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DarkStation on

"The “pick up and play” nature of the contract system makes it the perfect game to play while sitting on a train, plane or bus. Those who have already tackled Monster Hunter for the PSP and are..."

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Destructoid on

"For all its missteps as an action-RPG, it is simply flawless as an example of how to make a Vita experience work. Judicious use of touchscreen controls, beautiful visuals, a smartly broken-up..."

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Gaming Illustrated on

"Instead of looking at Ragnarok Odyssey as another game to “save the Vita,” it should be seen for what it is: an incredibly fun handheld experience that takes full advantage of the platform it was..."

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gamrReview on

"We're not looking at a system seller or killer app here, but Ragnarok Odyssey is an effective and fun action RPG for any owner of the Vita, and definitely worth your money if you have even the..."

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