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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Reviews

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EuroGamer 7/10 Nov 20 '12
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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Previews

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1UP Jul 13 '12
Games Radar Apr 27 '12
GameSpot Apr 27 '12
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Quoted from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Reviews:
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"While I was talking to Jeremy about my time with the game, he reminded me that part of the reason Smash Bros. has been so successful is not because of its stellar mechanics, but rather because Nintendo consoles have been a relative wasteland when it comes to fighting games over the past three generations. This lack of competition, coupled with the fact that Nintendo fans are, by very definition of the word, fanatical, certainly contribute to the series' undying wave of love and admiration. With Sony not having quite as rabid a fan base, along with those fans having a console that is home to a wealth of fantastic fighting titles, one has to wonder whether this ode to PlayStation will be able to tap in to that magic formula that Nintendo seems to be able to master time and time again."
"PaRappa the slapper. 140"
"We’re hoping we’re wrong, or that the developer plans on tightening it up before release, but as of now we’re not expecting the game to be played at any competitive level – or even by any big fans of others games in the genre. Even if it remains as is, however, we’re sure that plenty of people will enjoy it for silly, fun times – we just have hopes that it can rise above that when it releases later this year. We're also hoping for a Vita version. Like, seriously, how awesome would that be?"
"While PlayStation All-Stars certainly wears its influences on its sleeve, it also appears to be bringing a few new features to the multiplayer brawler table. Most importantly, we had a blast slugging it out with other players. Plenty of questions still remain, such as Sony's plans for support of online competitive play, the number and quality of the remaining faces on the character roster, and whether the game will also receive a Vita port. Who are you hoping to see make the cut? Look for more on it ahead of its 2012 release date."