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Persona 4: The Golden is an updated port of ATLUS's Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for the PSVITA. The story follows The Protagonist (You), as he moves to Inaba to live with his uncle and cousin. Yet, strange things start to happen in Inaba, and before he knows it, The Protagonist and his new friends are dragged into a mystery of a murderer.

Game Play

P4G uses the traditional console style gameplay, unlike P3P. Players control The Protagonist as he moves around Inaba and interacts with people. There are also the various dungeons, with each one containing its own Boss which must be defeated within a certain time to progress the story. Battles take place using a traditional Turn Based battle system.


P4G includes the entirety of the original on Playstation 2, with updated graphics. It also contains brand new event scenes and much more voice acting, expanding the world of Persona 4 even further. Also, in P4G, a brand new character by the name of Marie appears in Inaba, further deepening the mysteries. The game includes an 'SOS System' for when you're struggling in a dungeon, so one of your friends can connect over either 3G or WiFi and help you out. There are also other additions that have been heavily requested by the fanbase over the years but ATLUS have not announced what they are just yet.

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