In the world of Freedom Wars, players become part of underground penal colonies called Panopticons (based on 50 global cities) and fight for resources in a world ravaged by pollution. Players create their own character, choose a Panopticon to represent, then undertake missions on the surface world where they battle against mechanical Abductors and even other players to rescue civilians. Players can team up with AI partners called Accessories, or other players from the same Panopticon in team-based online multiplayer matches.

Successfully completing missions and earning Abductor parts grants players to opportunity to reduce their exorbitant prison sentences by contributing to their Panopticon. Players may also use Abductor parts to craft new gear, or offer them to their Panopticon to help upgrade their Accessory partners. Failure to contribute to the Panopticon results in an increased prison sentence for the player, which factor into online leaderboards that rank top performing players and Panopticons.

Players use six types of weapons during missions to combat Abductors and other players, some which can be acquired on the field while others can be crafted and brought along beforehand. Up to two weapons can equipped at once (Accessory partners are limited to one each). Players also have access to a grappling hook called a "thorn" which they can use during missions to traverse the battlefield or hook onto large enemies.

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