Final Fantasy X-2 HD Websites

Oct 29,2005 By: Chococat277
This site is dedicated to the Final Fantasy X and X-2 character Rikku. It has all sorts of infortmation on Rikku such as her dress spheres, biography, al bhed lessons and stories, accessories, music/movies, cosplays/fanart, voice actress, and more.
Nov 27,2002 By: ffextreme
Contains latest coverege, with wallpaper, movies, over 100s of screen shots, and more.
Apr 03,2003 By: Roadwarria
Info on every Final Fantasy game.
Jun 26,2005 By: Miss Razz
Jan 20,2003 By: RPG_Master44
Nov 22,2004 By: Krunal
Jul 08,2004 By: AznBabyGurl911
Great source of Final Fantasy including FFX-2
Feb 17,2003 By: Ultima Weapon18
The best FFX-2 Source!
Nov 22,2004 By: Krunal
A Fan Site for all FFX-2 Fans
Jun 29,2005 By: Miss Razz
Nov 22,2004 By: Krunal