FFX-2 is the true sequel to the Final Fantasy series. The game takes place 2 years after Yuna's journey to defeat Sin. Yuna finds a mystical sphere that contains imagery of what the Blitzball player she thought was gone forever. Yuna isn't sure if it is him and she is driven to seek him out. There is an all female playable cast. Also available is the return of the active time battle and there are new movements. A variety of unique job classes which you can switch are also in the game.


Combat in Active-Turn-Based Battle system. Use different dresspheres on each character for contrasting battle power. Ability to change dresspheres in the middle of battle. Also the ability to play many minigames such as Blitzball or Chocobo riding.


  • Sequel to popular RPG title Final Fantasy X

  • Non-linear story

  • New combat and character development systems

  • Beautifully designed graphics

  • For 1 player action only, playing three wonderfully designed characters

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