One of the most popular RPGs of all time is being remade for the PS Vita.

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Mother Ranma played Final Fantasy X HD
Mother Ranma and 4 others own Final Fantasy X HD
Apr 15, 14 5:59pm
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Dec 19, 13 4:55pm
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Finally that Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster combo pack has a release date!... posted Nov 18, 13 8:35am

If the Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD remasters are exciting upcoming releases to... posted Nov 11, 13 9:56am

Pop quiz! Hum the battle music from Final Fantasy X right now! Did you do it? Then you're... posted Aug 23, 13 11:27am

Aug 17, 13 8:13am
Jun 29, 13 8:32am

Square Enix has shared screenshots of Final Fantasy X's HD remaster already, but today will be our first look at... posted May 09, 13 9:36am

Aha! Square Enix has decided to come clean after news broke earlier this week that both Final Fantasy X and Final... posted Mar 22, 13 9:34am

Everyone has heard about the Final Fantasy X HD update coming PlayStation 3, right? Last word was the project was... posted Mar 19, 13 9:19am

Mar 14, 13 3:18am
Why is it that when i played and fought with the boss under the sea in baaj, characters and enemies face backwards? FinalFantasyX PS2

In a bit of positive news for Final Fantasy lovers, Square Enix doesn't seem to have completely forgotten about... posted Jan 11, 13 11:50am

Jan 05, 13 9:16am
when was this released?? i want a copy. FinalFantasyXHD PS Vita
Oct 03, 12 11:33am
very good game FinalFantasyX PS2
Nine ball
Apr 11, 12 2:48pm
tempted to 100% complete someday, (including penance) if the story line was not so abysmal.. AURON 4 main character >.> FinalFantasyXX2HDRemaster PS3
Nov 27, 11 11:27am
Fav game ever. MASTERED. FinalFantasyXX2HDRemaster PS3
nasty nappa
Nov 02, 11 9:34am
a fantastic rpg with likeable characters gameplay and story but way to many cutscenes FinalFantasyXX2HDRemaster PS3
I Am Awesome
Aug 16, 11 4:47am
Greatest Final Fantasy EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FinalFantasyXX2HDRemaster PS3
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