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In one of the rooms of the Overlord Castle, Mao was reading a comic book. His room was filled with jars of specimens from past experiments. The pages told about a superhero that defeats an atrocious Overlord. Right then, Mao made a huge decision. "As of now... I shall become a hero."

The decision he made was a big deal, for he is the spawn of the Dean of Nether Institute, Evil Academy. Mao believes that to defeat the Overlord, he must become a hero. With the help of his butler, Geoffrey, he goes ogg to capture a hero in hopes of attaining the secret to their powers. When Raspberyl finds out what Mao was up to, she concludes that "Hero Mao = Delinquent Mao". As the No.1 Delinquent of the school, she can't allow that! She tries to convince Mao not to become a hero! Of course, as a delinquent, force is not permitted, so she can only try to talk Mao out of it!

After discovering the whereabouts of a hero, Mao goes off to meet him. However, as Mao is en route to the hero, Raspberyl shows up and advises him that he need not digress from his honor student ways. In addition to being childhood friends, these two were destined (as decided by their parents, to always be rivals. Almaz comes across the two of them arguinh from afar and thinks, "Those kids are being attacked by demons!" Although Amaz has neither the knowledge nor the courage to fight demons, he follows his belief that a hero must face danger. Ignoring the danger, he helplessly tries to save them. Mao, excited by the appearance of a hero, takes advantage of Almaz and steals his title of Hero.

Will Mao be able to become a hero and defeat the Overlord? Or will Raspberyl convince him not to? What is going to happen to Almaz? A crazy Netherworld school story begins now...

This is a port of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice with new content and it will feature content from the original game.


  • Tera level magic
  • Animated character portraits in cutscenes
  • Unique attacks for the generic characters
  • Control options that use the touch screen and rear touch pad
  • The record shop has been added
  • Two brand new playable characters, Rutile and Stella Grossular
  • Monster classes can equip two additional evilities
  • 4 new story scenarios, each starring different characters

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