A brand new game set in the Bioshock universe.

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Available on the Playstation Vita.

Publisher 2K tweets a snap of a familiar landmark from the first BioShock game, Eve's Garden.... posted Jul 24, 14 2:05pm

Too scared to even continue this game right now. :( BioShock PS3
Best. Game. Evurr! BioShock PC
This game is extremely creepy, and very shock-inducing. It's very fun! BioShock PC
Finished and reviewed. Not sure I'll bother with the second one now. BioShock PC
I am now dressed like a Big Daddy. Even turning down the sound, upping the volume and sound of the dialogue hasn't helped much with speech. BioShock PC
Enjoying the plot; graphically appealing; okay atmosphere, though seen better; combat is slightly annoying; pointless difficulty: respawn BioShock PC
Gothic gamplay with great characters and gamplay with many type of gamplay BioShock PC
Steam finally put BioShock on sale again (and BS2)! Looking forward to installing and playing! Likely dl it tonight. BioShock PC
Tense, atmospheric and creepy. A landmark in shooters 10/10 BioShock PC
One of the most interactive FPS games I've ever seen and had the opportuniy to play. The storyline is great and te visual effects are... BioShock PC
Incredibly tense and very smart, a shooter with a difference 10/10 BioShock PC
outstanding gripping and gruesome BioShock PC
I never thought I could love a shooter this much. BioShock PC
great game one of my favorites BioShock PC
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