A brand new game set in the Bioshock universe.

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Available on the Playstation Vita.

Publisher 2K tweets a snap of a familiar landmark from the first BioShock game, Eve's Garden.... posted Jul 24, 14 2:05pm

Too scared to even continue this game right now. :( BioShock PS3
Best. Game. Evurr! BioShock PC
This game is extremely creepy, and very shock-inducing. It's very fun! BioShock PC
Finished and reviewed. Not sure I'll bother with the second one now. BioShock PC
I am now dressed like a Big Daddy. Even turning down the sound, upping the volume and sound of the dialogue hasn't helped much with speech. BioShock PC
Enjoying the plot; graphically appealing; okay atmosphere, though seen better; combat is slightly annoying; pointless difficulty: respawn BioShock PC
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