===Background=== From the writer/producer team of "Footloose" comes a new musical love story - SING. The film brings to the screen a real-life Brooklyn High school tradition that pits class against class in an electrifying, inspirational song and dance competition. Peter Dobson stars as Dominic, a volatile young street tough with a talent for dancing and a penchant for petty crime. But Dominic soon finds himself the center of unwanted attention when music teacher Theresa Lombardo pressures him to lead the upcoming senior "Sing." Sparks fly when Dominic is teamed with a strong-willed classmate Hannah Gottschalk, and is forced to confront both his defiant lifestyle - and a growing attraction to her. SING is a high-style high-energy look at a community struggling to preserve the best of its past - and the hope for its future.


Lorraine BraccoMiss Lombardo
Peter DobsonDominic
Jessica SteenHannah Gottschalk
Louise LasserRosie
George DiCenzoMr. Marowitz
Patti LaBelleMrs. DeVere
Susan PeretzMrs. Tucci
Cuba Gooding Jr.Stanley

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