Early Reviews:
  • It’s simple, challenging and addictive, and it’s only a buck. (Appolicious)
    • The controls are uber-simple, as you tilt to steer your copter left and right, while tapping the screen for 'gas' to rise (it drops automatically). (Recombu)
      • Verdict: Definitely Buy! Hours of fun for the price of a Coke! (Zoo Rescue fan)


Help! Help! Our animal friends broke out of the Zoo, hoping to find adventure - but found danger instead! Now they're stuck at the bottom of a cliff! Can you get them back to the top? Use your flying skills to navigate the helicopter and save our crew.

Zoo Rescue includes 20 cliff-climbing levels plus Game Center achievements and leader boards! More levels coming soon!

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Dec 16, 10 12:00pm
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