: : : : : Zombie Air Strike


Kill zombies in dozens of the world's cities OR play from your own location! Its the perfect game for long car trips!

Protect Your Location:

The map follows where you move in real life! If you go nowhere, neither does the map, so this mode isn't for couch potatoes. And as long as you aren't the driver, its the perfect game for long car trips or a great way to learn local street names. Location Services must be turned on so the game knows where you are.

Protect The Convoy:

Sitting still? This is the mode for you, because the map will automatically move for you. Mid-screen is a convoy to protect. Is it the president, the prime minister, some diplomat? You decide! Your job is to protect that vehicle as it speeds through the city to safety. Location Services does not need to be on to play this version, so you can save on some battery drain.

Game Play

Touch the screen to bomb zombies in stealth mode, or switch to helicopter mode to pick up civilians and ammo. The longer you survive, the more perks you earn (descriptions below). If you bomb 3 target areas in one strike, you'll unlock the nuclear evacuation perk. You'll say "bye bye" to the city, and advance levels.


Hardware Info

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