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Crazy addictive Zanta Boom!! Only for iOS!!

POCKETGAMER: “Laughing all the way”.

The game is built on simulation of the real gravitation, which affects the flying balls.
You only need to glide your finger across the screen and pick up a free ball. When you picked up a flying ball you must throw it during 5 seconds into another flying ball or into the wall. Note that the walls, which give 2 points, can appear and disappear instantly. But be on the watch for a bombs, hitting them you can lose points and even life. The game also has different kinds of bonus balls that will make your holiday even more exciting and give you opportunity to earn more points. As well you’ll find here combo «HitZ» and combo-series «Ztraight HitZ». At the end of game modes «Madness» and «Z-Madness» apogee ball flies, which you will need to beat on the walls of the screen with a breakneck speed, earning extra points. This is a real action.







Earn HitZ and Ztraight HitZ, and you’ll get better score.
Combo HitZ you’ll get for an instant breaking more then three balls.
Ztraight HitZ – this is a series of made HitZ. With each next HitZ you’ll get more and more points. Important is not to interrupt combo-series by HitZ absence for more then 5 seconds and by breaking the bomb.

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iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 4.

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  • Genre: Arcade (IPHONE)
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    North AmericaMar 5, 2012
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