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The WWE Universe will be greeted by familiar faces when they see the headliners for this year’s game, some of WWE’s most popular and enduring Superstars.
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Mar 22, 13 12:24pm
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1000/1000 Gamerscore WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
Sep 02, 11 7:30pm
Platinum'd it =) WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
Jun 15, 11 5:56am
i loved this game took me some time to beat it though lol WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
Sep 25, 10 8:04am
good game just need 1 more achiement which is development graduate so can i have some help ??? WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3
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Aug 18, 10 4:37pm
Chris Jericho Future WWE CHAMPION!!!!! WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3
Jul 15, 10 7:45am
Best wrestling game to date, (Exept for No Mercy)Great CAW and CAF And I like story editor too!!! Gimme a... WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3
Jan 28, 10 11:56pm
cant wait for more dlc WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
Jan 08, 10 6:31pm
Platinum WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3

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Nov 18, 09 4:21pm
Making CM Punk world heavyweight champion WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
Nov 05, 09 6:54pm
this is the best game ever on a scale from 1-10 I give it an infinity. WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3
Nov 02, 09 5:11am
trying to get all the trophies WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
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Wow, I didn't knew this was available for PS2! I want it! WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
Sep 10, 09 9:25am
I got it upon it's release. But I'm still working on it. WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3