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“Wave-Against Every Beat! is another original concept based on old games and concepts, bringing a new freshness to them. Music lovers will surely appreciate this one, and for arcade shooter fans it is definitely worth checking out." - AppAdvice.com

"Bright, visceral visuals; more lasers than you can shake a bag of Sci-Fi shows at. Fun bonus-mode mechanic; rewards players by breaking up the gameplay with something different." - AppSpy.com

"Addictive, polished shoot-em-up set up. Striking visuals. Brilliantly inventive bonus levels" - Gamezebo.com


Wave - Against Every Beat! Imagine a Bullet Hell type Shooter with the innovative twist being that all of the action is generated based on the beat/rhythm of the music playing.


- Level is generated by music beat. Feel the musics, feel the enemies!

- Features lot of techno tunes to drive the action!

- Original gameplay with boss battle and unique levels. Featuring an additional 3 mini game modes to bring tons of fun during the gameplay (Fever Mode, Drive Mode & Sudden Death Mode).

- Many types of enemy (enhanced by AI), bring a true challenge to your skills.

- Enemies & bullets fill up the screen, this is the boss of all other bullet hell shooting out there!

- Top quality graphics!

- 3 awesome GAME MODES that had never ever previously existed in any other shooting game.

ARCADE: Play through various missions to be accomplished.

SURVIVAL: Music attacks you endlessly, prove your skill by completing as many objectives as possible.

FREE PLAY (DEMO): Play with your own music! !!Notice!!: Free Play Mode is just beta (support MP3 only, AAC will be supported in next update in Mar 10, level is only 50% generating by your songs, coming updates will be with Full Free Play Mode!)

- Open Feint is fully supported.

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