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Infamous cheapskate and generally naughty person Evil Dude is forming an army of Ubiquitous Badly Trained Evil Chaps for his latest plan of world domination, led by his henchman General Issimo.

An international squad of special forces troopers pulled from units all around the world has been put together. They shoot things, blow things up, drive tanks and pilot helicopters. They also really, really love their M-16s. They are the Grunts!

Game Play

Lead the squad around 40 levels of mayhem to stop Evil Dude’s plan and save the world. Warpack: Grunts has 4 levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard and Nnnnaarrrgh!), online highscores for the campaign and every level, as well as a special unlockable game mode for those of a survivalist nature.

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