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Two Worlds II Castle Defense is a tower defense game set in the high-fantasy universe of Antaloor. Defend imperial commanders by enlisting and managing Emperor Gandohar's imperial forces. Employ a range of units to defend imperial interests, including Swordsmen, Archers, and Priests.

Emperor Gandohar’s stronghold at Oswaroth has been threatened by encroaching Orc armies. Take command of your troops and lead them into battle against the enemy horde! Unraveling events will lead you on the search for Maliel’s Thrones, ancient artifacts sought after by Emperor Gandohar in his endless, ever-darkening quest for power.

- Campaign Locations Include Desert Ruins, Forest Camp, Cemetery
- Arena Challenges Allowing 5-10 Minute Skirmishes
- Storyline Foreshadowing Gandohar's Rise and the Events of Two Worlds II
- 2 Playable Characters Each With Unique Special Abilities
- 6 Playable Units Each Upgradable to 8 Levels
- 98 Different Enemy Units and 30 Distinct Classes
- Advanced Unit Management Including Stealth and Teleportation
- Rejoin Beloved Characters and Locations From Two Worlds II
- Remastered Musical Score From Two Worlds II
- OpenFeint with leaderboards and achievements

- Dynamic Character Shadows
- Full Day and Night Cycle
- Fullscreen 4x anti-aliasing on the iPhone
- Up to 50 Units Simultaneously On-Screen
- HD Character Models
- Rich 3D Environments with static lighting
- Advanced particle system
- Environment effects such as fog, desert storm and heavenly rays

*Be Advised!
We received some reports that this app can freeze on iOS version 4.2.1. If you encounter this kind of a problem please update your iOS.

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