Pop, pop, pop. Pop till you drop! Tumbles is a highly-addictive physics-based game with beautifully polished graphics and a cheerful soundtrack.

Game Play

- Classic, try to remove all bubbles from the screen. Single bubbles can be removed with the block zapper! But those are limited, you only have 10 block zappers throughout the game. The difficulty increases as the game proceeds.

- Blitz, you only have 60 seconds! Try to score as many points as possible.

- Challenge, new bubbles keep appearing at the top. Try to stay alive as long as possible. If your stack reaches the top of the screen the game is over. If you manage to remove five bubbles at once, you get a rainbow bubble! The rainbow bubble can remove bubbles of any color.

- Multiplayer, play challenge mode against a friend! If you remove more than five bubbles at once, the other player gets a bad bubble. Bad bubbles can only be removed with a rainbow bubble.


- Four distinct game modes will keep you entertained for hours!
- Tilt the screen to change the orientation of gravity.
- Interactive Tutorial to get into the game within minutes.
- Multiplayer: Play against a friend via Bluetooth™.
- Full Plus+ integration with seven leaderboards and 15 awards!
- Beautifully polished graphics with a cheerful soundtrack and matching sound effects.
- Play with your own background music, just play a track with your device's music player before your start Tumbles.

Hardware Info

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