TIME TEENS: The start of a Time Travelling adventure! It is just another normal day in suburban Tangerine County until all TIME breaks loose! Weird green portals start appearing all over town (and basically wreck the place) and time travelling monsters start to pop out and ruin an otherwise cheery day. Fortunately, for the students of Tangerine High, they have help from a group of heroic time travellers, teenage monsters, and some friendly robots. It’s up to you to assemble your best team and save Tangerine County, and all of time, from the threat! Time Teens is a new FREE card collection game that lets you create a team of time travellers, monsters, and robots and take them into card battles. You will explore Tangerine County as you hunt for time portals as you try to unravel the mystery of why the county has come under attack from time travelling monsters. As you explore, you will face-off against enemies in card battles as you fight to save the county. FEATURES 1.200 CARDS to collect: time travellers, monsters, and robots! 2.Hours of QUEST gameplay: explore the 6 unique locations of Tangerine County and stop the threat! 3.FUSION: make your favorite cards more powerful by fusing other cards into them. Create the most powerful deck of cards possible! 4.TIME CARDS: Build your deck for battle with attractive and powerful cards featuring the many colorful Time Teens characters.

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