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Pirates! Adventure! Monkeys! Relive the hilarious swashbuckling misadventures of the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood as he attempts to become the most infamous pirate in the Caribbean! Back by popular demand, The Secret of Monkey Island™: Special Edition faithfully re-imagines the internationally-acclaimed classic pirate adventure game from LucasArts in gorgeous HD detail.

Game Play


  • Hilarious swashbuckling misadventures: Embark on a bumbling misadventure in an attempt to become the most infamous pirate in the Caribbean, win the heart of the beautiful governor, Elaine Marley, and confront the evil ghost pirate, LeChuck!
  • Voiceover talent: Complete voice over using original Monkey Island franchise cast members brings the story and characters to life like never before.
  • Renewed music score: Enjoy the re-mastered and re-recorded musical score using live instruments.
  • Enhanced gameplay: The all-new intuitive game interface and controls provide a more interactive gameplay experience.
  • Hint system: Not sure what to do next? The in-game puzzle hint system keeps the puzzles fresh and fun.

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