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"inspired by retro games of the pre-NES era, Surveillant is unlike anything most iOS game enthusiasts will have encountered before. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good game of Hide-and-Seek and doesn’t have an aversion toward tilt controls" - www.ifanzine.com


Surveillant is a stark and stylish arcade game with an emphasis on stealth, timing and strategy. Inspired by the old-skool classic 'The Sentinel', each level is a spatial challenge with moments of high tension. It's hard not to panic as the sinister CCTV Camera sweeps an arc of hot red destruction across the landscape.

Movement is free as long as you can see your landing point clearly - just TILT to turn around and TOUCH the screen to move to a new position. Try to get higher, but avoid exposing yourself to view.

The need for stealth is matched perfectly by the subtle, ambient audio. The sound of the wind builds as the player ascends and the whine of the laser shifts frequency as the beam strikes different surfaces. With headphones on, the sensation of the beam passing close by is enough to raise hairs on the back of your neck and being spotted will make you jump, even on repeated occasions.

Music (by Vector Lovers) is used sparingly: the haunting chords of the title theme, a beautiful ambient loop on the level select screen, and an eerie and hypnotic melody on the 'Carousel' level.


10 levels ( levels are designed, not procedurally generated and more to be added in the next free update! )

Tense retro-inspired game play

Intuitive Accelerometer-based controls

Stylish 3D visuals

Atmospheric audio



TILT the device left or right to turn toward the left or right.

TOUCH PLATFORMS or GROUND to jump to that point. You can jump a long way if the landing point is clearly visible. While moving you can still turn around but you cannot jump to a new point until you have landed.

TIP: sliding the finger over the platform you want to jump to can be more effective than tapping the screen - especially if the platform is distant or only just visible.

HOLD the LOOK BUTTON to look at the CCTV Camera. Remember, the view might be blocked by a wall - if so, the CCTV can't see you either!

PAUSE the game by touching the pause button in the top center of the screen.


ISSUES & BUGS in version 0.2

Occasionally, the pause menu can remain on screen and the sound will stay muted after the game is un-paused. The app needs to be restarted in this case.


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