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Dive yourself into the dangerous deep blue sea, with the most comprehensive treasure hunt on the App Store.

The incredible SUNKEN TREASURE game will give the user an extreme thrill of a complete under water expedition. All you have to do is to dive into the sea to find the Sunken Treasures all over the world. You have to find the top 20 sunken treasures across the world, and for the final big treasure you will have to be all set to fight against the treasure defender the “BIG BOSS”. You can collect the final treasure only after destroying him.

Game Play

Be conscious of the Marine creatures they are waiting to attack you. To make your journey safe you are provided with hi-tech equipments, along with the tilt and touch feature both at the same time. Make your expedition easy by using the accelerometer to move sideways and tap/touch the screen to fire. Destroy as many aquatic creatures as you can to reach the bottom of the sea safely. Keep an eye at the Health and Oxygen meter, Keep these meters filled by collecting the Health and Oxygen power ups.


Hardware Info

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